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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 9 Recap

Yue Ziyuan was angry that Yang Xiao deceived Yuan Zijun, but accidentally heard that Yang Xiao was able to cooperate with Mrs. Red in exchange for his own interests. Xie Ling’er, the hostess of Xie Jia Bie Yuan on the second stop of Shang Road, has always liked Yang Zhuo. Yang Xiao left a letter to Yang Zhuo in advance, hoping to reach cooperation with Xie Ling’er with his help. For the inspiration of the novel, Bai Yinruo followed in the footsteps of Yang Xiao and Yue Ziyuan, met the robbers, and was rescued by Yang Zhuo. The two pursued them all the way, and after meeting with Yuan Zijun, the three came to Xiejia Bieyuan. Yang Xiao and Yue Ziyuan encountered men in black ambush and were warned not to think about opening a new business route. In order for Yang Xiao to protect Yue Ziyuan from being injured, Yue Ziyuan felt distressed.

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