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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 15 Recap

When Yang Xiao woke up to see Yue Ziyuan, the two complained to each other and decided to find out that General Fan’s death was caused by Yue Ziyuan’s washing charges. Yang Xiao and Yue Ziyuan came to the Yinfeng Tower in Guiyuezhou in disguise and lurked for clues. Yuan Zijun sent news that a nurse from Fan Mansion was acting suspiciously. Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiao were found following Niang Niang, and Niang Niang returned to the house to report that Hu Meiren thought that Niang Niang had been exposed and poisoned Niang to death. Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiaoshun touched the vine and found that Niang Ni’s body was the same as General Fan’s death. To find out the cause of death, he called for a genius doctor Duan to identify the poison of the Lingling Flower. The master behind Hu Meiren, Wang Long, the person in charge of Guiyuezhou Commercial Road, emerged.

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