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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 11 Recap

Yue Ziyuan and Bai Yinruo broke completely, Bai Yinruo changed into Yue Ziyuan’s clothes and came to Yang Xiao, but Yang Xiao refused, and Yang Zhuo had been guarding Bai Yinruo and said that he had been communicating with Bai Yinruo. Book fan, Yang Zhuo silently guards Bai Yinruo. The next stop for Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiao is Qingfengzhai, which is said to be the head of the bandits. Yue Ziyuan couldn’t bear to watch Yang Xiao get injured again, so he was confused that Yang Xiao went to Qingfengzhai alone. The master Zheng Xiu was very appreciated when she came here alone. Yue Ziyuan put forward a competition in order to cooperate with Qingfengzhai and showed her skills. When Yang Xiao rushed to Qingfeng Village, Zheng Xiu changed her temper and drew his sword at Yue Ziyuan. Yang Xiao was injured by people from Qingfengzhai in order to save Yue Ziyuan.

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