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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 10 Recap

Yue Ziyuan bandaged Yang Xiao’s wounds, and the two were moved. In order to gain the support of Xie Ling’er, Yang Xiao united everyone to bring together Xie Ling’er and Yang Zhuo, and Bai Yinruo gave a lecture as a “love expert”. At the same time, Yue Ziyuan discovered that Yang Xiao actually understood his own heart, and he had changed quite a bit. Everyone found that Yang Zhuo fell in love with Bai Yinruo, and Bai Yinruo was still obsessed with Yang Xiao, and brought herself into the novel heroine. He also wrote the business secrets reached between Yang Xiao and Yuan Jiahong in the book, which made people feel good. Everybody knows. After Yue Ziyuan knew about it, she sought Bai Yinruo’s theory, but she was questioned by Bai Yinruo, and the sisters were at war.

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