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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 27 Recap

The base area of ​​Hubei, Henan and Anhui failed. Bogu believed that it was necessary to send military advisers. Hubei, Henan and Anhui failed this time in the anti-encirclement and suppression campaign. Zhang Guotao was obviously overwhelmed by the victory of the third counter-encirclement and suppression. I didn’t realize my mistake, and now I don’t even know where they are. The Fourth Red Army retreated to Shaanxi under the erroneous leadership of Zhang Guotao and held a meeting to deal with the struggle. Zhang Qinqiu and others were very dissatisfied with Zhang Guotao’s behavior, fighting all the way and retreating, not knowing where to retreat.

Zeng Zhongsheng’s opinion is to immediately stop retreat and establish new revolutionary bases, change the parental style of decision-making, and report to the central government if the person responsible for decision-making is unable to restore the crisis. After listening to Zhang Guotao, he accepted everyone’s criticism, and also expressed impassionedly that he had done his best for the Soviet area. He also made Zeng Zhongsheng the chief of staff of the Northwest Revolutionary Base, Zhang Qinqiu as the political minister, and Zhang Guotao as the chairman.

Zeng Zhongsheng produced a written opinion, hoping that Zhang Guotao would pass it on to the central government. Zhang Guotao’s proposal to establish a committee of former enemies calmed everyone’s emotions. After Zhang Guotao had held this meeting, he felt that it was held in a timely manner. As long as there is a unified revolution, Zeng Zhongsheng’s mass foundation is very solid, and Zhang Guotao didn’t say anything. After the Xiaohekou Meeting, the Fourth Red Army established the Shaanxi-Gansu base area, but half a year later they persecuted Zeng Zhongsheng and others.

A few months ago, Mao Zedong left Ruijin and came to Tingzhou to recuperate due to illness. At this time, he had been dismissed from his post and was being persecuted. Mao Zedong and He Zizhen gave birth to their first child. Bogu and others came to Ruijin and decided to set up a new Central Bureau and send Li De to the Central Soviet Area. They also proposed that the Red Army should change its combat plan. Someone raised objections, but Bogu couldn’t say any more, and he wanted to implement it resolutely on the front line. Mao Zemin came to visit Mao Zedong, and Mao Zedong received a central telegram asking him to return to Ruijin immediately to preside over the work of the interim central government.

Chen Duxiu’s special status and his arrest aroused high social concern, and Chiang Kai-shek had to agree to a public trial. In court, Chen Duxiu denied that it harmed the Republic of China, and said that it was the National Government that harmed the Republic of China the most. Chen Duxiu was finally sentenced to eight years in prison, starting the longest career behind bars in his life.

After Li Da recovered from illness, he left Shanghai and moved his family to Peking. Chen Gongbo came to ask Li Da to go to Nanjing. Li Da was very dissatisfied, and accused Jiang Wang of endlessly fighting for power and profit regardless of external humiliation, but the foreign enemies are currently aiming their guns at their own people. Li Da said that he would never do anything for imperialism, and he couldn’t look down on them as lackeys!

Central Soviet area. Chen Tanqiu and Dong Biwu met again here, but Xu Quanzhi did not come when he was pregnant. Both of them are working in the school. Dong Biwu explained that Bogu and the others were criticizing Luo Ming’s line, but they were actually criticizing Mao Zedong’s line. People who have always supported Mao Zedong’s combat policy have been criticized, even though everyone is complaining about Mao Zedong.

But what’s the use? Dong Biwu gave Chen Tanqiu a meeting gift. This is the precious salt in the Soviet area, which Dong Biwu saved from his share. Zhu De came to Mao Zedong late at night, and Mao Zedong told He Zizhen to say that he had fallen asleep and refused to see him. He Zizhen didn’t understand why Mao Zedong didn’t even see Zhu De. Mao Zedong worried that he would be implicated because Bogu and their blind command sacrificed a lot of people. Fortunately, Zhu De and Zhou Enlai did not continue to fight under Bogu’s command, but Bogu would have some thoughts about Zhu De because of this. .

The Nanjing Prison was very tolerant to Chen Duxiu, and Pan Lanzhen came to visit him every day. Chen Song came to the prison to visit him a few years ago, and Chen Duxiu was taken aback before he recognized his grown-up son.

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