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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 26 Recap

When Wang Huiwu saw Li Da lying in the hospital bed, she was worried. She asked Li Da’s students to go back first. The students repeatedly expressed their desire to do their best but were rejected. Wang Huiwu sat on the edge of his bed with Li Da’s glasses crying, very sad. In the Central Soviet Area, He Shuheng went to Mao Zedong as soon as he arrived before he could even put his luggage. The two of them had not seen each other for many years and were very happy.

He Zizhen greeted He Shuheng and brought tea. A conference will be held tomorrow. Everyone is preparing for tomorrow’s conference. The Soviet area now has a population of more than two million. Mao Zedong and He Shuheng went to see the meeting venue, and Mao Zemin was very happy to see He Shuheng. At the First National Congress of the Chinese Soviets, Mao Zedong was elected as chairman, and the title of Chairman Mao came from here.

After more than seven weeks of treatment, Li Da has been discharged from the hospital and went home, but he was still in a cast, watching the three children learn together and the husband and wife looked at each other and smiled. Wang Huiwu helped Li Da into the room. When he saw Li Da in the hospital, Wang Huiwu was terrified. Li Da was ready for a long time. But the hateful thing is that they just turned to the right arm and didn’t want him to pick up a pen to write an article.

Li Da will never let them succeed. In the past few months in the hospital, Li Da dictated Wang Huiwu’s transcription, but it did not delay the publication of the “Anti-Imperialism Series”. Li Da refused to let the Kunlun Bookstore close. Wang Huiwu believed that she should open her own bookstore. She could use a pseudonym to come forward. She was called Wang Xiaoou, which corresponded to Li Da’s words. She had long wanted to open the bookstore at home.

Dong Biwu came to see Chen Tanqiu and Xu Quanzhi and his wife, they had already taken Junjun over, and they had just moved to a new house with a pair of children. Chen Tanqiu suffered a lot in prison and was rescued after two years. After Dong Biwu graduated last year, the Soviets hoped that he would stay in the school to teach, but Dong Biwu resolutely refused and said he would return. He also planned to go to the Central Soviet Area.

Chen Tanqiu also applied for the Central Soviet Area. Unfortunately, he was not approved and Xu Quanzhi disapproved. Chen Tanqiu suffered in prison and completely broke down. This was also Xu Quanzhi’s consideration. Dong Biwu asked about Hu Jingzhu’s news. Li Hanjun gave birth to his posthumous child 20 days after Li Hanjun’s sacrifice, and said that he would concentrate on raising the child and would not remarry. Bao Huiseng voted for the Kuomintang camp, which none of them expected.

Zhou Fohai and Bao Huiseng met. Although Chiang Kai-shek arranged a job for him, Bao Huiseng’s identity was not recognized, saying that he was suspected of the Communist Party. Bao Huiseng had long declared that he had left the party because those people were very dissatisfied with their suspicions and said they would resign. Zhou Fohai said that these positions were not sincerely arranged for him, but Chiang Kai-shek was beating him. Zhou Fohai persuaded Bao Huiseng to converge and show his position. Shanghai. Xie Shaoshan was threatened by the military and police to stay in Chen Duxiu’s residence.

The military and police then broke into the house. Chen Duxiu was arrested again and taken to Nanjing. The Kuomintang asked Chen Duxiu to join the Kuomintang, but Chen Duxiu was unmoved. When Pan Lanzhen came to visit the prison, she only knew Chen Duxiu’s true identity when she saw the newspapers on the streets and alleys. Chen Duxiu did not conceal it anymore and persuaded her not to come back again. Pan Lanzhen refused. Chen Duxiu was her husband. She was there wherever he was. She was also willing to wait for him. Chen Duxiu was very moved.

Bogu and others met together to discuss what to do in the future. Bogu believed that there were many problems in the Ningdu meeting and that it was not enough to remove Mao Zedong from office. Bogu had the idea of ​​going to the Soviet area. Although there were some inconveniences, it was completely impossible to stay in Shanghai.

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