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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 24 Recap

Fengtian, Liaoning, December 1930. Xu Quanzhi learned the sad news that Chen Tanqiu was arrested in Harbin. He was arrested during a meeting, but his identity should not have been revealed yet. Xu Quanzhi did not raise any difficulties. She and her children were able to survive. In fact, she and Chen Tanqiu discussed the issue of arrest and were prepared, but she did not expect that this day would really come. Chen Tanqiu was tortured after being imprisoned. Facing a self-blaming comrade, Chen Tanqiu comforted and said that as long as the files were killed by a friend, there would be no problem.

A large number of the Communist Party who studied in the Soviet Union returned to China to join the revolution. After Li Lisan’s leftist mistakes were corrected, Zhang Guotao suddenly became active and returned to Shanghai where he had been separated for many years. Yang Zilie returned in a panic and said that they wanted to move away as soon as possible. Some comrades were arrested here two days ago. When the two were about to leave, the military and police came and said that they would have a routine inspection. Zhang Guotao used fake identity documents and escaped the search.

Zhang Guotao went to meet with Chen Shaoyu and others. Zhang Guotao was elected as a member of the Politburo Standing Committee and Chen Shaoyu was elected as a member of the Politburo Standing Committee. However, some people disagreed with this result. Chen Shaoyu and others believed that He Mengxiong and Luo Zhanglong et al. His behavior is wrong and must be expelled from the party. Chen Shaoyu everywhere revealed the superiority of returning from studying in the Soviet Union, and Zhang Guotao justly stated that personal friendship should not be superior to the organization.

Shandong Jinan. Deng Enming and others were suddenly brought to trial one by one, asking about the escape from prison two years ago. The interrogator was Zhang Weicun. He knew Deng Enming’s identity when he saw Deng Enming’s face. The two met during the cooperation between the KMT and the Communist Party. After the death of Sun Yat-sen, Zhang Weicun turned to Wang Jingwei and Chiang Kai-shek one after another, betrayed the Communist Party, and has always held a grudge against Deng Enming. Deng Enming was emotional and scolded Zhang Weicun as shameful.

Luo Zhanglong was removed from the party, Zhang Guotao supported Mi Fu, Chen Shaoyu and others, and Mi Fu was very satisfied with him. The central government wants to send people to the Soviet area. Zhang Guotao decided to go to the Hubei, Henan, Anhui and Soviet areas, but he did not want Yang Zilie to go with him. Yang Zilie wanted to go home to see the children, so he decided to send Zhang Guotao away before returning to his hometown.

It has been almost five months since Chen Tanqiu was arrested. After his arrest, Tang Hongjing told them that a lot of things had happened during this period. The Fourth Plenary Session of the Sixth Central Committee was very mysterious. Only after the meeting did he realize that this would be controlled by Miff. He wanted to take Chen Shaoyu. Many people did not agree to support the leadership seat, so Miff used this method to exclude those who did not support it. Chen Shaoyu formed gangs when he was studying abroad, and he used tricks when he went to study abroad. Although Chen Shaoyu was wrong, it was also wrong for Luo Zhanglong to establish the Central Extraordinary Committee. Under Chen Tanqiu’s persuasion, Tang Hongjing withdrew from the Central Extraordinary Committee.

In prison, Deng Enming looked at the moon hanging in the sky with sorrow. Two years later, the appearance of Zhang Weicun made him completely cut off the idea of ​​leaving. He was about to be executed at dawn. On the contrary, Deng Enming had an indescribable ease. Deng Enming talked and couldn’t help crying. It was about to dawn, and they all knew that they couldn’t hide. But I also firmly believe that the revolution will succeed and the ideal will be realized. During the execution, Deng Enming, Liu Qianchu, Zhu Xiao and others were still singing and fighting for their ideals.

Wuhan, Hubei. Zhang Guotao was escorted by Gu Shunzhang and arrived safely, and got on the sedan chair that came to meet him. Gu Shunzhang said that the central government has a secret mission, and he will be delayed here for a few days.

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