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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 29 Recap

Liu Wenjing’s performance at the last auction was greatly appreciated by her boss Xiaowen. She asked Liu Wenjing to be the presenter for the next auction and helped the company bid for a precious vase from the Qianlong period at a price of less than 6.5 million. Liu Wenjing accepted this task, determined to perform well.

Ye Hui took advantage of his position to call Liu Wenjing to the office for hot pot. Liu Wenjing smiled and blamed him, but Ye Hui disapproved. Weiwei called Ye Hui to discuss business matters, and Ye Hui went over it in a few words. Since Liu Wenjing became his girlfriend, he can be said to be triumphant in the spring breeze.

The business cooperation between Weiwei and Ye Hui was rejected by Ye Hui because of her company’s high debt ratio. Ye Hui’s tone was firm and there was no room for maneuver. Weiwei wanted to inquire about the relationship between him and Liu Wenjing. Ye Hui told her that they were indeed together, and Weiwei felt very depressed.

Liu Wenjing took the vase from the Qianlong period with a vigorous attitude of being a newborn calf, and it was half a million less than the company’s budget. Ye Hui was very surprised when he arrived. Liu Wenjing convinced him with his beautiful appearance, and now he moved his heart with his clever brain. He fell deeper and deeper into Liu Wenjing.

Ye Hui threatened Liu Wenjing to go shopping with her assistant’s career prospects. Liu Wenjing didn’t want to become a waste of money-losing ability under Ye Hui’s connivance, but this was Ye Hui’s good way for her, and she couldn’t refuse. Huahua accompanies Liu Wenjing to go shopping together. She especially envy Liu Wenjing has a boyfriend who is rich in money. Liu Wenjing took the opportunity to ask Huahua to consult Xing Tianming about investment and financial management. Huahua has been separated from him because he likes Xing Tianming, and no longer has the pure friend relationship before. But in order to act in front of Liu Wenjing, she still agreed to her request.

Ye Hui had always had a sorrow for Xing Tianming. He asked Liu Wenjing to move out of the house he rented with Huahua, so as not to give Xing Tianming a chance. Liu Wenjing dispelled his thoughts by persuading him, and the two went to the movies together holding hands.

Huahua asked Xing Tianming to come to her home under the pretext of being ill. Xing Tianming found the letter of guarantee written by Liu Wenjing to Huahua at her home. He knew why Liu Wenjing rejected her feelings. He was so superficial and casual, he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Ye Hui sent Liu Wenjing home to kiss her goodbye and was just seen by Xing Tianming, who went downstairs. When the three met, Xing Tianming was overshadowed, but Ye Hui was triumphant, like a peacock with an open screen. Liu Wenjing glanced at Xing Tianming and passed him quietly. He left in despair, not knowing why he missed the most important feeling in life again, he was clearly determined to grasp it, but the reality was not as expected.

A few friends made an appointment to play tennis together, Huahua was afraid to see Weiwei, but Weiwei took the initiative to show her goodness.

Ye Hui company has an internal employee benefit, which is a project that Lin Wenwu and Ye Hui cooperated. It can not only add value to this project, but also help employees make money. Everyone is happy. Liu Wenjing shared the good news with Huahua. Huahua wanted Liu Wenjing to take her to enjoy the benefits. Liu Wenjing had no choice but to agree, but she and Huahua agreed that a second person should know, but Huahua secretly told her mother, and her mother told the neighborhood. Neighbors, Liu Wenjing helplessly help.

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