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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 28 Recap

Liu Wenjing was arranged by the company leader Xiaowen to attend a meeting. Due to an operational error, she did not record the meeting with a voice recorder. Sister Xiaowen was shocked. This was a very important meeting. It would be difficult to replay the contents without a record. Unexpectedly, Liu Wenjing would repeat all the content, and it was not bad. Sister Xiaowen turned from worry to joy, and looked at Liu Wenjing with admiration.

Liu Wenjing recharges and learns for company meetings. Huahua particularly appreciates Liu Wenjing’s progress and hard work. Liu Wenjing tells Huahua that her dream is to serve women. She hopes that through the network platform, all girls’ cloakrooms can be shared. Huahua agrees very much with her idea and plans to implement this plan with her.

Liu Wenjing and her colleagues in the company urgently prepared an important banquet. Finally, her colleagues were sent to the hospital because of appendicitis. The owner of the company, Ye Hui, also attended the banquet. Liu Wenjing kept walking behind Ye Hui to remind him of the identity of the people attending the banquet. Ye Hui discovered Liu Wenjing’s shrewd and capable side, and liked her a little bit more in his heart. But at this time, Liu Wenjing thought secretly whether to resign because the company boss was Ye Hui.

Xing Tianming’s decision was in conflict with other people in the think tank, and the boss preferred Xing Tianming, which caused dissatisfaction among others. Xing Tianming is willing to conduct on-site investigations for his own decisions, and the boss appreciates his attitude of practicing and knowing.

Liu Wenjing discovered the private collusion of bidders outside the company’s auction venue. She bravely pointed out this illegal act at the auction and reported to the police, which saved the company a great loss. Ye Hui looked at Liu Wenjing in the audience, she changed a lot, but he liked her as always, more than before.

After the auction was over, Ye Hui drove the locomotive downstairs and waited for Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing was buckled with a helmet and sat on Ye Hui’s motorcycle, enjoying the feeling of being fast. After Ye Hui came back from Europe, he stepped up his offensive against Liu Wenjing. As an assistant, he personally delivered flowers to Liu Wenjing’s house, and booked a seat for Liu Wenjing in the restaurant.

Liu Wenjing wore the clothes sent by Ye Hui to the appointment, and Ye Hui was surprised again. He meticulously prepared a violin performance, which was played only for Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing enjoyed the wine and food and listened to the intoxicating music, slightly intoxicated. She wanted to find someone to rely on, and Ye Hui was a good candidate.

Huahua came to Xing Tianming with the invitation letter for the film festival premiere, hoping that he could go with him, Xing Tianming declined in every possible way, until Huahua said that Liu Wenjing and Ye Hui were also going, and then reluctantly agreed to Huahua.

Liu Wenjing was taken by Ye Hui to try the dress, and they attended the premiere together glamorously. Xing Tianming looked at Liu Wenjing, who was radiant, and she stood beside Ye Hui with a smart smile. They looked so good, and his heart was cut.

He couldn’t stand it for another second, and before the premiere was over, his uncle ran away alone. Huahua came out to look for him. They were eating a roadside stall together. Xing Tianming just wanted to get drunk to blur his heartache.

Ye Hui brought Liu Wenjing in an evening dress to eat at the roadside stall. Passers-by mocked Liu Wenjing’s sugar daddy. Xing Tianming smashed his wine bottle to fight with passers-by, and Liu Wenjing stopped him. He couldn’t stand the occasion where Liu Wenjing was with other men, and left drunk.

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