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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 27 Recap

After attending the wedding, Qiao Haifeng and Mu Luomei were walking on the brightly lit street. Qiao Haifeng admitted to her that he no longer had strong feelings for Huahua and that he now fell in love with another person. Mu Luomei told him that no matter who he liked, she would support him as always. Qiao Haifeng glanced at Mu Luomei, but stopped talking.

Liu Wenjing graduated successfully. Ye Hui organized a small party for her, but he was temporarily recalled by his mother. His mother told him that his father decided to let Ye Hui’s half-brother take up an important position in the company. Ye Hui couldn’t believe it. , The whole person was overwhelmed by the sudden action of his father.

Everyone sat drinking and chatting together, Weiwei was always yin and yang towards Liu Wenjing because of Ye Hui’s feelings for Liu Wenjing. Huahua finally decided to confess the change of the package to everyone. Qiao Haifeng reacted fiercely. He didn’t expect that Huahua had become so vain. But the most violent response should be Xing Tianming, he strongly accused Huahua of not taking responsibility for himself, and let Liu Wenjing act as shameless as a scapegoat.

Huahua regretted and was ashamed of her behavior and cried very sadly. In order to stop Xing Tianming from continuing to reprimand Huahua, Liu Wenjing pulled him out. Xing Tianming looked at the silly girl who was silently suffering and didn’t know to defend herself. He felt uncomfortable and kissed her. Liu Wenjing pushed him away and ran away quickly.

Ye Hui’s father wanted to rectify the name of his illegitimate son. Ye Hui was upset and stabbed his father a few words at the dinner table. Both father and son insisted on their opinions, and neither was convinced, and finally separated.

Huahua felt very uncomfortable because of Xing Tianming’s reprimand, and shut herself in her room without eating all day and night. Liu Wenjing was very worried. She knew that Xing Tianming had to untie the knot in Huahua’s heart, so she asked him to persuade Huahua. Xing Tianming was very reluctant, but couldn’t hold back Liu Wenjing’s repeated persuasion, and finally agreed to her request. Seeing that Xing Tianming was coming, Huahua leaned aggrievedly in his arms. Xing Tianming looked at Liu Wenjing, at a loss.

Weiwei went to Ye Hui to complain about the unclear development prospects of her company, and she didn’t want to go home to rely on her parents, and she didn’t want to be said that she was a useless person who only relied on her parents. Ye Hui told her that without the family and educational environment provided by her parents and employment start-up funds, she would not be able to get to where she is today by relying on her own ability. So don’t be afraid of being restrained while enjoying the halo, just follow your own ideas and be the most brilliant yourself. Weiwei felt reasonable. Looking at this sober and upright man, she felt that she did not like the wrong person.

Liu Wenjing quit her previous sales job, but she was frustrated and frustrated repeatedly after finding another job. She walked aimlessly, accidentally picked up a leaflet from the auction house, and discovered some of the problems. She straightforwardly explained the problems to the director of the auction and was appreciated by the director. The director invited Liu Wenjing to work in her company. The conditions made by the director made Liu Wenjing very excited. After she hesitated for a while, she agreed.

The new company Liu Wenjing joined is actually a company under Ye Hui, but she still doesn’t know it. The first decision made by Xing Tianming in the new company gave the company great benefits, and the boss was very happy. Weiwei quit her previous job and returned to her company as CEO. Once she took office, she made a decision that surprised the company’s employees.

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