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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 22 Recap

Song Ci couldn’t get in touch with Yao Menggui, and was about to go out to look for it, but was blocked by Uncle Jiang. At this time, Yao Menggui was frightened and hallucinated. Not only did he lose Song Ci, he was also snatched back to his adoptive parents by Xiao Mu. This was a fragile life bubble that would eventually shatter. When Yao Menggui woke up from his nightmare, he couldn’t help but burst into tears when he saw the name of Song Ci written in the book. In order to find Yao Menggui to fall out with his parents, Song Ci would rather die than live hypocritically like them.

Seeing that Xiao Mu was still worried about Yao Menggui, Tian Sisi felt that it was worthless for Xiao Mu as a bystander. After all, she and Yao Menggui had been together in university for four years and fully understood each other’s character. However, for this negative news, Chen Mo was afraid that Xiao Mu would be implicated, especially the similar appearance would be resisted by the audience.

Chen Mo stood in the perspective of an agent to protect Xiao Mu, but Xiao Mu angrily accused Chen Mo of having no feelings. If he still feels a little guilty, he should go to Peng Fei. Chen Mo took out the video taken by the paparazzi and determined that these things were related to Yao Menggui, but Xiao Mu believed that his sister was a person, and even dismissed him directly in order to prevent Xiao Mu from interfering in this matter.

Facing Xiao Mu who was so irrational, Chen Mo was very disappointed and turned to leave. Song Ci is looking for Yao Menggui in the world, but there is no clue to follow. When he was at a loss, he happened to receive a call from Chen Mo, claiming to help her find Yao Menggui.

According to the address provided by Chen Mo, Song Ci came to Banana’s house, saw his posters in the living room, and mistakenly thought that Chen Mo was a fan. Tang Xin took the initiative to explain the situation to Song Ci, admitting that Yao Menggui had gone to the UK, but Song Ci did not understand why Chen Mo would help him. In fact, Chen Mo wanted to resolve the conflict between him and Xiao Mu in this way.

Now that Song Ci decided to go abroad to bring Yao Menggui back, Chen Mo went to see Father Chen and talked about what he had done to sorry Xiao Mu, so he wanted to make up for it in other ways. Father Chen believes that his son should remedy his mistake immediately, and must not take a fluke. In this conversation, the father and son gradually opened up.

Xiao Mu refused the bad advertisement that Chang Ming approached for her. Chen Mo drove Xiao Mu to the shooting scene, only to find a car was trailing behind him. As he accelerated to get rid of, a car accident happened at the intersection. Chen Mo climbed out of the car with difficulty and saw smoke and fire. He couldn’t help but think of the scene of his parents being in a car accident, so he ignored the fear and danger, and rushed to rescue Xiao Mu.

However, Xiao Mu was stuck in the car. Fortunately, Peng Fei came to help, and the two worked together to rescue Xiao Mu. Chen Mo saw his biological mother in a coma and woke up to find Xiao Mu guarding by the bed and learned that Chen’s father had visited the hospital. Chen Mo knew that Father Chen was next to the ward, so he ran to look for him. He happened to hear that Father Chen was looking for someone to help him. His heart was full of emotion.

The matter came to an end for the time being. Peng Fei voluntarily surrendered and went to jail. Xiao Mu went to visit the prison and asked about Li Daixuan’s video. Faced with Xiao Mu’s questioning, Peng Fei confessed that he admired Xiao Mu and was even frustrated after she resigned. Later, she saw Yao Menggui appear on TV.

At first Peng Fei thought Xiao Mu had become a star, but he quickly distinguished the differences between the sisters, and at the same time, he was fighting for Xiao Mu, wanting to drive Yao Menggui and let Xiao Mu replace him. Although Peng Fei did all this, he denied that he released Li Daixuan’s photos. Xiao Mu thought that Peng Fei’s wife was too extreme. Although he understood, he would never forgive him.

That night, Xiao Mu took the initiative to send a message to Yao Menggui, but he didn’t get a response. Yao Menggui dragged her luggage back to Canada at this time, but the adoptive parents’ responses were very rugged and polite, which made her feel disappointed. Looking at the rabbit doll in the room, Yao Menggui remembered the gift bought by his adoptive mother, but the person who really liked rabbits was Xiao Mu, and she was still a substitute for her sister.

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