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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 21 Recap

Because of Xiao Mu’s remarks, Yao Menggui was trapped in painful memories, unable to extricate himself, staying alone in the room to relieve his sorrows. Song Ci couldn’t contact Yao Menggui, so he found home, only to see Yao Menggui drunk, with a deep scratch on the palm of his hand, which seemed to have been cut by a sharp weapon.

Yao Menggui said that he had given Xiao Mu a chance, but in the end he was hurt and deceived by his sisters, and even wanted to take everything she had. Song Ci didn’t know the reason, but felt very distressed about Yao Menggui in front of him. At the same time, he had a big prejudice against Xiao Mu, thinking that she was deliberately disguising as a white rabbit, but the city was really deep.

Originally, Chen Mo was going to prepare a birthday surprise for Xiao Mu, but when he saw Xiao Mu’s soul not staying at home, he couldn’t help asking about the situation. Xiao Mu truthfully told the cause and effect that she had actually let go of her grudges and no longer complained about her sister’s taking away the adoption qualifications, but Yao Menggui was always hostile.

At the same time, Peng Fei was sitting in the car with the camera that Chen Mo had lost in his hand. It was all secretly shot by Chen Mo of the quarrel between Yao Menggui and Li Daixuan. However, he didn’t know that Yao Menggui in the camera was pretending to be Xiao Mu. Xiao Mu brought back a bunch of photos from Peng Fei’s house. She found a lipstick when she was sorting it out. Then she remembered that she had met Peng Fei while working and received a birthday gift from him.

Chen Mo was worried about Xiao Mu’s safety and planned to call the police, but Xiao Mu refused his proposal in order to keep Yao Menggui’s secret. Since there was no other way, Chen Mo decided to stay and protect Xiao Mu. However, Xiao Yuanshan suddenly came back from his hometown to celebrate Xiao Mu’s birthday. Seeing Chen Mo and Xiao Mu alone in the same room, it suddenly dawned on him.

That night, Xiao Mu tossed and turned, and simply ran to the living room to lie on the sofa with Chen Mo, and took the initiative to talk about her sister, intending to talk to Yao Menggui. As a result, the next morning, a video about Yao Menggui’s quarrel with Li Daixuan was exposed on the Internet. Uncle Jiang went to Yao Menggui to ask the truth in person, wondering if she had anything to do with Li Daixuan’s death.

Yao Menggui denied it, claiming that if the investigation continues, even Uncle Jiang will get into trouble. Because Yao Menggui and Li Daixuan often made appointments to go to SPA at the same time, but Li Daixuan used herself as a pretense to privately date wealthy businessmen. Because of this happening now, the cooperation mountain endorsed by Yao Menggui unilaterally announced the termination, which means that Uncle Jiang is also facing preparations to lose money.

However, as soon as the voice fell, Xiaowen rushed to claim that Yao Menggui’s Weibo had posted a WeChat business advertisement, but Yao Menggui was talking to Uncle Jiang, and there was no time to post Weibo, but only Yao Menggui and Xiaowen knew the account password. The current situation is in a crisis. Uncle Jiang simply asked the company to declare that Yao Menggui lost his mobile phone, so he did not post Weibo.

The love affair between Yao Menggui and Song Ci was exposed online, and many candid photos were posted to prove Shichui. Due to the cancellation of the event, a group of fans outside the door was surrounded by troublemakers. Yao Menggui put on Tang Xin’s clothes and drove away from the basement. By the way, he parked the car on the side of the road to think about countermeasures.

Yao Menggui listed four ways out. One is to expose the identity of the sisters. It means that the backstage of the drama is not the person himself, but this kind of behavior is equivalent to hurting the enemy by one thousand and eight hundred. As for making a statement that making a relationship requires financial contacts, Uncle Jiang is obviously already. Abandon her, this road won’t work either. All that was left was to ask the detective and Song Ci for help. Just as Yao Menggui was hesitating, she suddenly saw someone pretending to be a ghost lying on the window of the car, which made her panic.

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