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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 13 Recap

Li Su sent Xie Xiaoman back to Xie’s home. His parents were very worried when they learned that she was playing against Zhao Xiaoqian, and his father blamed himself even more. Li Su introduced himself and interrupted Xie Xiaoman’s father to beat him. Li Su wanted to speak to Xie Xiaoman’s father alone, and his father told Xie Xiaoman to go back to rest. Li Su reassures Xie Xiaoman’s family that although he is at odds with the county prince, Zhao Xiaoqian’s young son has a close relationship with his father. Li Su has negotiated with them in private. If Xie Xiaoman is really sold, they will redeem it. To them, it just suffered from Xiaoman’s reputation.

Deng Xiner heard Shi Deng’er say that today is the birthday of the prince’s brother, and every year this is a memorial to the mansion of the prince of the county. Xie Xiaoman also remembered that Zhao Xiaoqian did say that his brother’s birthday would be after Lan Ye. Wang Weicheng came to Xie Xiaoman. He told Xie Xiaoman that he and Lang Mengzi of Jingnv Pavilion were childhood sweethearts. He promised that she would never accept a concubine in this life.

He could not marry Xie Xiaoman. Wang Weicheng told Xie Xiaoman what Zhao Xiaoqian had confessed to him. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Wang Weicheng to release Xie Xiaoman after the polo match. He also asked him to give the title deed to Xie Xiaoman. He gave everything Zhao Xiaoqian gave to Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman let them solve it by themselves.

Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu went to buy bamboo strips and silks to make kites. She made kites for Zhao Xiaoqian, and brought them to the prefectural palace and gave them to Zhong Ziyan. Today is his brother’s birthday, Zhao Xiaoqian is in a bad mood, and he thinks of the time spent with his brother again. Zhao Xiaoqian saw the kite in the sky.

He ran towards the kite very excited, but saw Zhong Ziyan flying the kite. Zhong Ziyan said that Xie Xiaoman had come and gave him this kite. She thought that maybe this kite could relieve Zhao Xiaoqian’s miss for his brother. Zhao Xiaoqian was about to lose his temper. Zhong Ziyan said that he did not want Zhao Xiaoqian to regret and told Zhao Xiaoqian what Xie Xiaoman said, and handed the kite string into Zhao Xiaoqian’s hands.

After the polo match, Zhao Xiaoqian was unwilling to let Xie Xiaoman go. Zhao Xiaoqian prepared a lot of things and fireworks for Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman was very happy that the two were reconciled. Shen Zhaowen went to Wujiang Mansion in the name of provincial relatives. The princess wanted Zhao Xiaoqian and Shen Zhaowen to marry. She was naturally happy to learn that Shen Zhaowen was going to Wujiang Mansion, and said that if Zhao Xiaoqian made her angry, she would call the shots for her.

Li Su came to find Yanniang but saw that the maid was packing her things. Only then did he learn that Yanniang was determined to marry the king. This time he called him to say goodbye to him. Li Su was absent-minded in class, and the text disappeared as he read the text. Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to talk to Xie Xiaoman, but he had to bring a gift for a reason, so he took Zhong Ziyan and Yan Boyang to go shopping.

Deng Xin’er talked about wishing to avoid Li Su at the beginning of the trip, and Xie Xiaoman quickly asked her what was going on. Deng Xin’er heard from the owner of the Big Goose Noodle House that Zhu Xing would marry Yuanwailang first when he was married. Zhao Xiaoqian bought a lantern, and he gave it to Xie Xiaoman.

Yan Boyang wrote to his correspondent friend. He wrote about himself and Ming Gu in the letter, hoping that the correspondent friend could give him some tips. Yan Boyang put the letter in the envelope and was looking at the envelope. Xu Shu passed by and saw the letter that had robbed him. Xu Shu threatened him to let him take twenty pennies or post his letter to Bailu Academy. Qian Qian came to Xie Xiaoman for help. She hoped that Zhu Xing Shou and Li Su could see one last time, and there might be a turning point in the matter, even if there was no turning point in letting them sue each other.

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