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The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 Episode 2 Recap

Although Ning Chengming doesn’t know Li Qian anymore, he doesn’t doubt what she said, because Li Qian can act, for fear that Ning Chengming doesn’t believe that she has fabricated a set of lies, claiming that she pestered Ning Chengming to travel to T country, otherwise she would also There won’t be any trouble, and for fear of not acting in place, I secretly pinched myself, tears falling down, and Ning Chengming couldn’t help but believe it.

The police came to Li Qian to make a transcript at the police station. It was obvious that there was a problem with the traffic, but the police insisted on saying that it was a traffic accident. Li Qian gave some money and wanted to copy a video from the time. At the same time, in the perpetrator’s room, the hirer asked the perpetrator to go to the hospital to confirm whether Ning Chengming was actually killed.

The perpetrator was confident that the forgery at the scene was the same as Ning Chengming’s car accident and demanded payment. , Otherwise it’s not confirmed. The hirer took advantage of the perpetrator’s carelessness and threw flammable and explosive things into the microwave to heat it up. With a loud noise, the room exploded and the hirer escaped and the perpetrator died in the room. Then the employer received the news and learned the exact information about the hospital where Ning Chengming was located.

When Qi Wei found out that Ning Chengming was missing, he hurried to look for it. Suddenly he remembered the tips Ning Chengming had given before. It seemed that he knew something would happen a long time ago. He told Qi Wei to open it if he couldn’t find him. Nang, Ning Chengming asked Qi Wei to search for his whereabouts within five kilometers of his residence.

Two days ago, Ning Chengming held a board meeting at the company, hoping Ma Hao could confess something to everyone, but Ma Hao was more than 20 minutes late and said nothing. Ning Chengming also had nothing at the meeting. After saying that, the meeting ended. Some people also felt that Ning Chengming wasted everyone’s time.

Many people in the company couldn’t bear Ning Chengming’s seriousness and harshness. The private gossip pointed to Ning Chengming. Ning Chengming seemed to know those words but pretended not to know. After the meeting, Ma Hao was left alone to speak, and even the secretary Qi Wei was kicked out.

After finishing the work at the police station, Li Qian saw that Gu Zhe, who was also brought to the police station, and Gu Zhe’s girlfriend Tangtang and adulterers were all at the police station to deal with matters. The advice given by the police is that there are two ways to deal with problems here. People are more than heart to take pictures, if not here, pass the embassy. Li Qian worried that it would have an impact in the country to make trouble through the embassy, ​​forcing Gu Zhe and adulterer to take pictures together.

When Li Qian returned to the hospital through the glass on the door, he saw Ning Chengming in the room drinking water in embarrassment. He couldn’t do it even though he wanted to cover the quilt with a bottle. Li Qian couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t expect Ning Cheng. Ming also has today. Thinking that Ning Chengming had tossed Li Qian in order to graduate that year.

Li Qian’s graduation thesis was written over and over again. Li Qian ran to the hospital to visit her mother, frowning about it and wondering how to overcome this oily salt. Teacher Ning Chengming who didn’t make progress, his mother gave an idea to stalk her, but Li Qian started a series of stalkers and forced Ning Chengming to give him a chance. Unexpectedly, Yuanjia has a narrow road and finally enters the workplace. This Ning Chengming will not be a teacher and will be the boss.

Li Qian pretended to be cute and asked Ning Chengming if she was cute. Ning Chengming thought that pretending to be cute was not cute. The really cute look was cute. In fact, there was something to say. He felt that Li Qian’s real appearance was already very cute. But Ning Chengming is not good at words and does not know how to praise a person.

At this time, Gu Zhe called. Li Qian deliberately praised Gu Zhe on the phone, hoping that Gu Zhe could work hard to get the order. Ning Chengming on the side listened a little uncomfortable, and felt that he was Li Qian’s fiance, Li. Qian shouldn’t praise another man in front of him. Li Qian explained that Gu Zhe is the boss. Gu Zhe likes to listen to flattery.

Ning Chengming asked Li Qian to resign. But seeing Li Qian worrying about how to live, Ning Chengming was more curious and asked Li Qian if he was unable to support him. Li Qian? Li Qian was immediately embarrassed and hurried to pay the medical bills and left the room. At the same time, the employer also came to the hospital to confirm whether Ning Chengming was dead.

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