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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 15 Recap

Zhao Liying witnessed the whole process of the quarrel between Zhao Yuxi and Guilan, and sent the incident to the women’s group. Xu Yiyi saw the news and immediately informed Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming wanted to turn the converted barn into a guest house. , He doesn’t care about these bad things. The two-month contract between Xu Youwei and Houshigou Village will expire tomorrow, and she will leave if she wants to get the endorsement fee of 30,000 yuan.

Li Jian’an and Li Jianping and his wife discussed that they wanted to embarrass Feng Jinbao about Xu’s only endorsement fee and let him completely dispel the idea of ​​running for village director. Xu Youyi came to Feng Jinbao for money early in the morning. Feng Jinbao took her to Li Jian’an to sign. Li Jianan insisted that the vegetable base and the pancake company transfer the money to the village’s account, and then he would pay for Xu You’s endorsement fee.

Feng Jinbao brought Xu Youyou to the vegetable base first. After learning that Zhao Xinlong was ill, the accounts of the vegetable base were burned and Guilan couldn’t be the master. Feng Jinbao brought Xu Youyou to Liu Haitang, and Liu Haitang made various excuses. Xu Youyou was angry. Gritting his teeth, he pulled Feng Jinbao to find Sun Guangming to complain.

Feng Jinbao revealed that there were 60,000 yuan in the village’s public account. Sun Guangming carefully checked the labor contract signed by Xu Youwei and the village. He came to Li Jian’an for money. Li Jian’an claimed that some villagers were very dissatisfied with the endorsement and suspected it. There was shady, he didn’t want to take responsibility and didn’t dare to touch the money in the village. He suggested that a meeting of the two village committees be held to vote.

Sun Guangming went back to explain the situation truthfully to Xu Youyou. Xu Youyou strongly protested and forced Sun Guangming to give her money. Sun Guangming persuaded her to wait two more days. Li Jian’an convened a meeting of the two village committees. Guilan promised to raise money to Xu Youyou as soon as possible. Liu Haitang insisted that Feng Jinbao and Xu Youyou had a tricky contract. Feng Jinbao and her argued hard, and the two people quarreled too hard.

Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui came to Zhao Yushan overnight and begged him to fight against Li Jian’an for the village director. Zhao Yushan was not interested in this matter and sent them away in a few words. Sun Guangming marked the various forces in the village one by one on the blackboard and connected the intricate relationship between them.

Finally, he analyzed that Xu Youyi was inadvertently involved in the battle between the old Zhao family and the Lao Li family, and Xu Youyi did not buy it. , She packed up her luggage to go back to the city, Sun Guangming struggled to stay, and promised to give her 30,000 yuan first. Xu Youyi didn’t buy it at all, so she drove away. Sun Guangming sent a message to Xu Youyou and found that Xu Youyou had already blocked him.

Sun Guangming asked Lian Yi to call up fellow travellers to visit Houshigou Village. He also called Zhao Yuxi, Yimin, Liu Fugui and Feng Jinbao to accompany them. They first went fishing by the river. Sun Guangming called on everyone to help promote the scenery of Houshigou Village. And humanities, and let them take photos and post to Moments. Later, Sun Guangming took everyone to Haiqing Village to visit the ancient tea plantation. Zhao Yuxi desperately tried to favor Sun Guangming, and Sun Guangming asked him to help with the backpack. Zhao Yuxi and Li Jian’an met on a narrow road, and they had a fierce dispute when they didn’t agree.

Sun Guangming brought Lianyi and his party to visit the hand-made tea made by Aunt Mei and others. Li Qinghe has mastered the essence of tea making. Sun Guangming encouraged her to study hard and look forward to tasting her hand-made tea. Li Jianan called Li Qinghe aside and persuaded her to divorce Zhao Xinlong early. Li Qinghe didn’t want to get into trouble. Li Jianan was afraid that she would be dragged down and persuaded her to start a new life. Li Qinghe wanted to learn tea making skills first.

Sun Guangming personally cooked a large table of farm dishes. Even Yi and Yimin were full of praise. Sun Guangming immediately decided to hold a meeting of the two village committees at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning and let Zhao Yuxi participate. Zhao Yuxi naturally couldn’t ask for it. Li Jian’an was not in the mood, and went home first without eating out of anger, and Feng Jinbao left afterwards.

Li Jianan felt that Sun Guangming wanted Zhao Yuxi to compete with him for the village director, and Liu Haitang was also worried for him, regretted not giving Xu You only endorsement fee, and let Sun Guangming seize the pigtail. Zhao Yuxi went directly to Liu Fugui to report the good news. Liu Fugui believed that Sun Guangming wanted to train Zhao Yuxi, and Zhao Yuxi was happy. Feng Jinbao was also marked with Xiao Jiujiu in his heart, thinking that he had hope to compete for the village director, and Zhao Meifeng was also happy for him.

After Lian Yi and others finished their trip to Houshigou Village, Sun Guangming personally sent them away. Before leaving, Lian Yi gave Sun Guangming a sum of money. Sun Guangming was short of money and accepted it on the spot. Sun Guangming convened the two committees at nine o’clock on time to discuss with them a new way to get rich in the village as soon as possible.

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