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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 14 Recap

Feng Jinbao rounded the corner and proposed to run for village director. Zhao Yuxi suddenly rushed to interrupt him. He kept saying to come to Sun Guangming to report to his work. Zhao Yuxi took out the keys to the Zhao family’s old house and claimed to be the head of the old Zhao family. A secretary’s assistant, Feng Jinbao hurriedly interrupted him, Zhao Yuxi and Feng Jinbao rushed to recommend themselves, unanimously requesting the re-election of the village director.

Sun Guangming insisted on strictly following the procedures and rules and regulations, and repeatedly emphasized that the top priority was selling vegetables, and asked them to follow Xu Youyi to the vegetable base to shoot videos.

Feng Jinbao and Zhao Yuxi followed Xu Weiyi to the vegetable base to shoot, and the villagers couldn’t wait to get in to promote their organic vegetables. Sun Guangming personally cooks the vegetables at the fair and uses organic vegetables from Houshigou Village to make spring rolls. Xu is the only one to let people pass by to taste it and attracts many people to watch. Sun Guangming vigorously promotes organic vegetables in Houshigou Village. In the name of the first secretary, a colleague from Xihai Commercial Daily came to help Sun Guangming propagandize, and the hotels and restaurants in the city placed orders.

Zhang Zihao passed by Sun Guangming’s booth and ridiculed Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming was not angry, and was enthusiastic about selling vegetables to him. Zhang Zihao had to leave angrily. Yue Lan brought an assistant to report on organic vegetables in Houshigou Village, and tasted the spring rolls made by Sun Guangming, and was full of praise for his craftsmanship.

Sun Guangming brought Xu Youyi to the supermarket manager and begged him to sell vegetables from Houshigou Village. The manager admired Sun Guangming’s public destruction of pesticides and vegetables, and worried that some farmers would still use pesticides. Xu Youyou repeatedly claimed that the vegetable base was checked at all levels. , Each dish is specifically implemented to an individual, and the manager decides on the spot to put the vegetables in Houshigou Village on the shelves.

Sun Guangming exposed that Xu Youyi was lying, but he was inspired by this and decided to go back to the village to start the matter, and let Guilan and the others code the vegetables one by one and put them on everyone’s head. Thanks to Sun Guangming and Xu’s unremitting efforts, many hotels and restaurants in Xihai City have placed orders. The sales of organic vegetables in Houshigou Village are on the rise, and Guilan is very busy.

When Zhao Yushan saw the hot vegetable sales in the village, he immediately called Feng Jinbao to take the IOU from Sun Guangming. Feng Jinbao did not dare to delay and rushed to the vegetable base with the IOU. Liu Haitang happened to be in Feng Jinbao’s supermarket. Zhao Meifeng revealed to her that Sun Guangming was going to change the village director. Liu Haitang didn’t want to listen to her being long-winded, so he quickly found an excuse and left.

Zhao Yushan returned the IOU to Sun Guangming and thanked him for everything he had done for Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming was enthusiastic in his heart and accepted the IOU as a souvenir. After Zhao Yushan left, Feng Jinbao once again proposed to re-elect the village director. Sun Guangming insisted on following the procedure, and hurriedly left under the pretext of going home to cook.

Zhao Liying brought her daughter to Zhao Meifeng’s supermarket to buy new schoolbags and stationery. Zhao Meifeng took out the account book and asked her to clear up her previous accounts. Zhao Liying hurriedly took her daughter away. The daughter clamored for new schoolbags and stationery, and snacks, and complained. Zhao Liying is so lazy to cook. Zhao Liying is very wronged. She has been helping her unsatisfied husband to pay off the debt, and her daughter ran away without looking back.

After listening to Zhao Meifeng’s words, Liu Haitang couldn’t help worrying about Li Jian’an. He advised Li Jian’an to get in touch with Sun Guangming and always beware of the old Zhao’s people so as not to be robbed of the village director. Li Jian’an decided to live in the village and didn’t want to drive to the city every day. Li Pao, Li Jianping let him live at home, Li Jianan wanted to live in Guilan’s old house, Guilan promised to live in him for free.

Li Jianan packed his luggage and moved into Guilan’s old house, Xichun enthusiastically helped him carry his luggage. Zhao Yuxi learned that Guilan had given Li Jian’an live in the old house for free. He was furious and suspected that Li Jianan was plotting against Guilan. Liu Fugui was still fanning the flames. Zhao Yuxi hurried home to ask Guilan Xingshi to ask the crime and force her to take Li. Jian’an drove away, Guilan couldn’t speak, Zhao Yuxi was angry to drive away Li Jianan, Guilan desperately blocked, Zhao Yuxi threatened to separate from Guilan.

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