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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 14 Recap

Nan Nan, who was originally not going to watch the game, suddenly had a nightmare. When he woke up, he couldn’t help asking where Yu Qingluo and others were going. The game time was over. Nan Nan learned from Luo Han Guo that Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiudu were not there. Seriously, the rest of the people were all injured, and night repair alone grabbed half of the battle flag, and there will be a playoff tomorrow.

Mo Xian noticed that none of the masters in the Night Guard had appeared on weekdays, but the strangers were not affected by Yu Qingluo’s poison, and they were as powerful as a cow. Yu Qingluo suspects that someone else helped Yu Zuorin make the medicine she took.

Yu Qingluo is staying up late to develop drugs to deal with Yu Jiajun. Ye Xiudu feels distressed. He wants to grab Yu Qingluo’s entry token. Faced with Yu Qingluo’s resistance, Ye Xiudu can only use moves to make Yuqing fall. Asleep, Nan Nan eavesdropped at the door and was about to enter the door to stop him. After learning all the situation, Nan Nan suddenly understood the intention of Ye Xiu Duo. Nan Nan not only forgave Ye Xiu Duo, but even helped Ye Xiu Duo to give jade. Qingluo left a letter to prevent Yu Qingluo from worrying.

As soon as Yu Qingluo woke up to find that Ye Xiu had disappeared alone, even Nan Nan followed. Yu Qingluo can only proceed from another idea. Under research, Yu Qingluo found that all the people who were replaced by Yu Zuo Lin appeared on the consultation list, which shows that the Tianzhu flower in the flower rash is the key clue. Yu Qingluo is going to take people to the planting base of Tianzhu Flower to find out.

Yu Qingluo thinks that the Tianzhu leaves of the Tianzhu tree are constantly falling, and they must have been picked. Sure enough, there is a group of people in black who pick Tianzhu leaves. As a pharmaceutical base, Shuangke and other masters will definitely be here. Yuqingluo decides to be wise. Take it as above.

Ye Xiudu alone fought against the Night Guard. After all the soldiers were defeated, Yu Zuorin appeared and confronted Ye Xiudu head-on. On the other side, Yu Qingluo and others put on a disguise and mixed into the group of people in black. After Yuqing dropped the medicine, everyone in the room passed out. Shuangke ran away immediately after finding Yu Qingluo and the others, in order not to delay. Over time, Yu Qingluo and others decided to take the lead in developing the five-grass antidote.

At the end of the first round, Ran Ran came to report, and Yu Zuolin hurriedly sent someone back to Sanmen Town to clear the door to prevent Yu Qingluo and others from rushing back to the arena. Ye Haoran discovered Ran Ran’s figure and noticed something strange. Jin Liuli found Shuang Ke, and the two decided to make a decision based on their previous grievances.

At the beginning of the next round, Ye Xiudu used Tingfeng swordsmanship, but a few night guards used tricks to block Ye Xiudu’s hearing. When he was preparing to attack Ye Xiudu with a knife, the drums rang again. On the other side, Shuang Ke almost had to cut Jin Liuli with his hands, but Ye Haoran hurried to save Jin Liuli’s life, which made Jin Liuli very moved.

The drums sounded again, but looking at the blood on the corners of Ye Xiu Du’s mouth, Nan Nan asked Ye Xiu Duo to withdraw from the competition, but Ye Xiu Duo reluctantly picked up the sword and used Ye family’s utmost learning, but if the utterly missed hit Huge physical exertion will make Ye Xiu alone fail. When Yu Zuo Lin was about to counterattack, Yu Qingluo hit Yu Zuo Lin with a poisonous needle, the effect of Wu Cao San quickly disappeared, Yu Zuo Lin lost the power to fight back, Ye Xiu Du finally stood up and avenged Yu Qing Luo. After Plasma Sail announced the victory of Yu Jiajun, Yu Qingluo took up the sword again, recalling all the deeds before her amnesia, Yu Qingluo held the sword against Yu Zuolin’s throat…

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