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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 13 Recap

The four dressed-up people sat in the same carriage as Nan Nan. Facing Ye Xiu Du’s kindness, Nan Nan stopped them all. Ye Haoran on the side also gave flowers, but it meant that Jin Liuli changed his evil spirits and returned to the right. Jin Liuli was so angry. Take the flower and smash it at Ye Haoran. In order to stop Nan Nan, Jin Liuli specially asked someone to make a large table of roast chicken, and asked Ye Haoran and Nan Nan to hold a chicken eating contest to delay time.

Ye Xiu alone brought Yu Qingluo to the pastry room, and the two used Kuo Ke Dou to make love, and they exchanged their hearts. But on the other side, Nan Nan and Ye Haoran were already vomiting blood, and only then did they eat the copper plate. When Nan Nan stood up from the table, he discovered that Ye Xiudu and Yu Qingluo had disappeared. Nan Nan realized that he had been tricked away from the mountain, and quickly pushed away Jin Liuli to find Yu Qingluo.

After the pastry was finished, Ye Xiudu slowly approached Yu Qingluo, and wanted to ask for a kiss, but Nan Nan came and ran into the intimate scene of the two. Yu Qingluo explained that she was preparing gifts for Jin Liuli and Ye Haoran. When Jin Liuli arrived, Nan Nan asked Jin Liuli to ask him. Ye Haoran felt that Nan Nan should no longer be concealed. The truth was about to be revealed, and Jin Liuli grabbed it. Living in Ye Haoran, the two people staged a scene of a passionate kiss.

After that, Nan Nan followed Yu Qingluo closely, and Ye Haoran finally looked at her feelings squarely at Ye Xiu’s point of independence, and took the rose to find Jin Liuli. Ye Haoran took the initiative to grab Jin Liuli’s hand and began to be romantic. Confessed that just when Jin Liuli thought Ye Haoran was about to kiss her, Ye Haoran held her own pulse rate and felt that her heartbeat was not rising. Ye Haoran laughed happily, but Jin Liuli was so angry that she smashed the flower. Xiang Ye Haoran.

Yu Qingluo heard the sound of Ye Xiudu in the room, walked into the courtyard, and found that the courtyard was filled with pictures symbolizing the memories of the two people. Ye Xiudu hugged Yu Qingluo behind, and the two sat together.

After tasting the cakes made together that day in the courtyard, the atmosphere gradually warmed up. Ye Xiu stroked Yu Qingluo’s shoulders, but Nan Nan walked out and stopped them. Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiudu made up a lot of reasons. Came to cover up their actions. Ye Xiu thought in his heart that maybe Ye Haoran was right. Instead of hiding everything, it’s better to confess to Nannan in person.

The next day, Ye Xiudu brought Nannan to hunt, and Ye Xiudu personally taught Nannan to hunt. Yu Qingluo brought Xiaohan to the training ground. The Four Kingdoms Tournament is about to begin today. Nannan cheers for Yexiudu. Yexiudu begins to use words to detect Nannan’s intentions. The smart Nannan can hear Yexiudu’s meaning immediately. Nannan misunderstands Yexiudu’s intentions. The intention was that Ye Xiu Duo used Nan Nan to approach Yu Qingluo from beginning to end, and Nan Nan was determined to cut off Ye Xiu Du’s grace.

This scene was all seen by Yu Qingluo and Xiao Han. Back in the Fuzhong, Yu Qingluo comforted Ye Xiu Duo with a good voice, so as not to affect the mood of the Ye Xiu Duo competition. Yu Qingluo decided to participate in the competition as a medical guard. Ye Xiudu was worried that Yu Zuorin would not let Yu Qingluo go, but Yu Qingluo was also worried about what Yu Zuorin would do with Ye Xiudu, and Yu Qingluo sent herself. Prepared sachets. Ye Xiudu nodded and agreed.

Shuangke has already developed Wucao San. After taking it, the speed and strength have obviously improved, and Yu Zuorin is very satisfied. On the second day, the trials began. Whoever can win the battle flag first, Yu Jiajun and Night Guard, can represent Feng Cangguo in the Four Nations Tournament. Ye Haoran, Ye Xiudu, and Mo Xian walked into Jiangjun Mountain. They were affected and unable to determine the direction. Fortunately, Yuqingluo relied on the plants along the road to determine the direction. Constantly…

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