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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 12 Recap

Gu Yebai played in the courtyard again, and Yu Qingluo unconsciously indulged in it, feeling his body relaxed a lot. This is the work of Gu Yebai for Nan Nan. Gu Yebai’s subordinates suddenly came to report. Gu Yebai’s face was nervous and hurried away. Yu Qingluo followed behind. When he saw Gu Yebai, Ye Xiu knocked Gu Yebai to the ground with one palm. Yu Qingluo hurryed.

Go to support, accuse Ye Xiudu angrily, help Gu Yebai away, Yu Qingluo asked the reason for the scene just now, Gu Yebai said, Ye Xiudu accused Gu Yebai of a piano master, not worthy of Gu Yebai. . When Yu Qing listened to it in her heart, she couldn’t help thinking.

Nan Nan’s birthday came, but Ye Xiu Du did not appear. Nan Nan was a little disappointed. Gu Yebai felt that he took out his own paintings and began to perform his own tunes. Gu Yebai’s tunes did have magical effects. After a while, everyone was in a coma at the table, and Yu Zuolin led people into the Qin Building. Watching Yu Qing fall on the table, Yu Zuorin drew his sword. At this moment, Ye Xiu duo sent someone to cover all the windows with curtains. In the darkness, Ye Xiu Duo hit a dozen with a sharp blade against Yu Zuo. Pro’s neck.

Yu Qingluo and others also stood up. Yu Zuolin and the others were puzzled, Yu Qingluo said that when Xiu Xiu hit the palm of Gu Yebai alone that night, Gu Yebai, who claimed that he did not know martial arts at all, used internal force to vent his strength. Afterwards, everyone took a peek and found that Gu Yebai was poisoning the painting. Yu Zuolin’s plan was discovered, but he didn’t panic at all. The mysterious assassin at the door shot into the room with a hidden weapon, broke into the room and took the medicine box, and snatched the medical book.

Everyone once again discussed how to face the current situation, but now there is no other way except to concentrate on training. After Nan Nan woke up, he felt that this birthday day was not ideal, so Ye Xiudu released the lantern he prepared, and Ye Xiudu used the hot air balloon of the holy hand Mengban prepared by him. The family got on the hot air balloon. Enjoy the wonderful night view. Nan Nan was extremely excited, praising Ye Xiu independence.

Nan Nan heard about Gu Yebai from Luo Han Guo. He didn’t want any father at all. In the future, he only needs to be accompanied by Yu Qingluo and Jin Liuli. After Nan Nan fell asleep, Ye Xiudu took out the jade pendant in his arms. Ye Xiudu felt that his love for Yu Qingluo did not conflict with Nan Nan’s biological father. He would never give up Yu Qingluo and face it. Ye Xiudu’s candid expression made Yu Qingluo secretly happy.

Ye Xiu alone tries to date Yu Qingluo, but Nan Nan almost finds out that Yu Qingluo pretends to help Ye Haoran and Jin Liuli fall in love before dating. Only then deceived Nan Nan.

The next day Nan Nan was eating chicken drumsticks in the backyard and happened to ran into the little girl. Nan Nan fell in love with the girl at first sight. Who knew that the little plot was hit by Jin Liuli, and Nan Nan sat down right now. The date is about to begin, Jin Liuli and Ye Xiu Duli meet outside, ready to win Ye Haoran…

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