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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 7 Recap

Yue Ziyuan’s Escort Bureau reopened, and Yang Xiao came to the dart and asked Yue Ziyuan to follow him back to the Yuexin Commercial Road. Yue Ziyuan refused twice. In order to find inspiration for his novel, Bai Yinruo came to Feng Yage with Yang Zhuo, and learned that his novel “Things that Yang Xiao and the Female Escort had to say” based on the experiences of Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiao had become popular in Beijing. She wanted to continue creating, so she asked Yue Ziyuan to go darts with Yang Xiao, hoping that Yue Ziyuan would persuade Yang Xiao to complete the marriage contract. For the happiness of Bai Yinruo, Yue Ziyuan finally took the dart and went to the Xingui Yue business road with Yang Xiao.

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