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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 6 Recap

After Yang Xiao helped Yue Ziyuan solve Bai Lang, he understood his intentions for Yue Ziyuan. Under Yu’s deliberate arrangement, Bai Yinruo saw the two go shopping with grudges. Yue Ziyuan asked Yang Xiao to drink as a thank you. Yang Xiao kissed Yue Ziyuan and confessed to her. Bai Yinruo left sad after seeing it. Yue Ziyuan was sober at this time and quickly rejected Yang Xiao.

After returning to the White House, Yue Ziyuan was entangled, on the one hand, repaying the kindness of her foster mother, on the other hand, Yang Xiao, who was growing in love. Yue Ziyuan cried and explained to Bai Yinruo, but was kicked out of the Bai Mansion, and the sisters were broken. Yue Ziyuan was about to reinvigorate the escort, only to realize that the reason for the downfall of the escort was that his parents supported Guiyue Xinshang Road.

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