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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 4 Recap

Bai Yinruo confessed to Yue Ziyuan that he fell in love with Yang Xiao at first sight in the Yuyingtang and suggested that he still wanted to marry Yang Xiao. Yue Ziyuan promised to help Bai Yinruo marry Yang Xiao. At this time, in order to fight for the family property for his son Bai Lang, the auntie Yu of the White House began to obstruct her plan, letting the maids Mei Mei and Juju in Feng Ya Pavilion, where the celebrities gather in the capital, talk about being bullied by Yang Xiao.

Rumors arose in Beijing at time. Meimei and Juju committed suicide in Fengya Pavilion. Ziyuan and Bai Yinruo came, and Yang Xiao was unwilling to fulfill their marriage contract with Bai Yinruo. She deliberately wanted to make the matter worse, and said that she was going to marry two girls. Bai Yinruo saw Feel angry and leave.

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