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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 3 Recap

Because Yang Xiao didn’t want to get married, she also followed Yue Ziyuan to match Bai Yinruo and Yang Zhuo. Bai Yinruo and Yang Zhuo climbed together to collect Acacia plums. Yue Ziyuan wanted to go to the mountain to set up traps so that Yinruo and Yang Zhuo would be trapped on the mountain together, so that they could be alone and widow to increase their relationship.

Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiao Shuanzi willow together went up the mountain and divided into two groups. They were full of jokes. Instead, it was that Yang Xiao and Yue Ziyuan were trapped on the top of the mountain. The two were alone for a night, and Yang Xiao’s affection for Yue Zi was gradually born. But Bai Yinruo also fell in love with Yang Xiao, and Yue Ziyuan had no choice but to come to Yang Xiao.

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