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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 2 Recap

In order to protect the innocent Bai Yinruo, Yue Ziyuan went to Yang Mansion to persuade Yang Xiao to leave. After discovering that Yang Xiao also had no interest in marrying Bai Yinruo, she began to match Bai Yinruo and Yang Zhuo. Yang Zhuo was Yang Xiao’s cousin. , Gentle by nature, knowledgeable, not only able to fulfill the mother’s last wish, but also allow Bai Yinruo to marry a beloved.

Yang Xiao and Yue Ziyuan didn’t know each other, they were attracted by this down-and-out female dart master. He and Liu Tiao followed Yue Ziyuan, but found that Yue Ziyuan was following his brother, a little jealous. Yue Ziyuan found out that Yang Zhuo would go to Yuyingtang, so he took Bai Yinruo to meet by chance, and actually met Yang Xiao here.

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