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Maid Escort 这丫环我用不起 Episode 1 Recap

The Shenwei Escort, Yue Biaotou, was killed while walking through the Xinguiyue Commercial Road and owed a huge debt, leaving her only daughter, Yue Ziyuan, to support the Escort. One day, Yue Ziyuan was blocked on the street and asked to pay back the money. She wanted to let Yang Xiao pass by to help her out, but Yang Xiao suggested that she sell the title deed. Fortunately, her mother-in-law Mrs. Bai came to rescue Yue Ziyuan.

Since then, Yue Ziyuan and Yang Xiao have forged Liangzi. While Yang Xiao investigated the murder of his parents, the clue also pointed to the Guardian. Soon, Mrs. Bai passed away and left a letter to Yue Ziyuan, asking her to become a maid to protect Bai Yinruo until she got married. After Yue Ziyuan entered the White House, he learned that Bai Yinruo’s fiancé turned out to be Yang Xiao.

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