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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 4 Recap

Less than two months after the marriage, Ding Jie was about to face her first separation. She accepted Wei Jiang’s promise and bid farewell to her husband Zhao Cheng, but this time went forever. Qin Chuan knew that the nail inserted in Wei Jiang’s heart was not actually Zhao Cheng’s sacrifice, but the gang of wolves who were free from law. To pull out this nail, he had to complete the mission between him and Zhao Cheng, so as to tie the other party together. To the law.

When Wei Jiang left, he specifically informed Sun Haiyang to help Ding Jie solve the trouble. After all, the liu outside the noodle restaurant had already affected the business. Sun Haiyang took the police to the Chengzi noodle restaurant and sat directly in front of the boss, telling him the origin of the noodle restaurant and the story of Zhao Cheng’s sacrifice. Fortunately, the leader is also considered a man of good temperament, so he took people away that day and stopped making trouble.

Liuzi and others drove to Ganniang’s house, digging through boxes and cabinets looking for money, until Ganniang said where the money was hidden. As a result, when the fox and Batu had just left the house, they encountered a knife standing outside and rushed directly to knock down the fox. Knife misunderstood the fox and they teamed up to engage in themselves, but under Batu’s explanation, they quickly realized that the six were secretly engaged in a ghost.

Facing the angry questioning of the knife, the six knew that he was cruel, and he would never die in his hands. In order to protect himself, the six had no choice but to tell the truth, claiming that the drug Harrier thought that the knife had robbed his brother’s money, so he let him set fire to kill. The knife believed that it was true, so he temporarily let go of the six sons, but he didn’t know that the eyes of the six sons had changed when his front foot left.

When he came to the vicinity of Klimu’s house, Wei Jiang only looked from a distance, and did not step into the door. Instead, he asked Qin Chuan to ask him. However, without looking at the capital of Klimu Lian Dagger, he immediately guessed that Wei Jiang was outside, so he told him coldly to take away the things in the room.

Seeing Kelimu seemed to be angry, Qin Chuan couldn’t interrupt, but not long after Wei Jiang entered the door, Kelimu took the initiative to chat with Qin Chuan about their relationship. In fact, Wei Jiang and Zhao Cheng were classmates at the police academy. They came here after graduation and rented a house in Kerim, where they lived for eight years.

Whenever mentioning the past, Kerim always smiled involuntarily. He is like a father, watching the children grow up, work, and achieve various honors and achievements. Later, Zhao Cheng and Ding Jie got married in love. Wei Jiang was both happy and disappointed. What was happy was that his good brothers had a happy family, and the loss was that he became a lonely family.

With the emergence of that gang of poaching gangs, Zhao Cheng died heroically, and Wei Jiang, who was originally sunny and cheerful, became another person, a veritable Wei Baliang. Klimu’s feelings towards Wei Jiang are totally hateful for iron and steel. Now that he knows that he has come out of decadence and is hunting down wolves, he took the dagger and took a look at it, believing that this thing came from a good friend and had seen him. Built for the wolf.

According to the address provided by Klimu, Wei Jiang reloaded on the road, and at the same time agreed with Klimu that when the matter was over, he needed to have a drink and have a good time. At the same time, the old fourth Rena carried the goods to the private room to trade, and was humiliated by the other party. Although she had a good reputation, she was a woman after all, and it was inevitable that she would be underestimated.

With a lot of enemies, Rena stunned a few men on the ground. Although they suffered minor injuries, it didn’t matter. Instead, they left with the cargo and drove to Guzai Le Machang. Seeing her, Sina enthusiastically ran over to hug her. The two sisters reunited after a long absence, so naturally they were talking about all kinds of homework.

Ding Jie took the initiative to come to the door of the police station, intending to express his gratitude to Sun Haiyang, only to learn that Wei Jiang actually helped. Considering the fact that the matter has passed so long, it must finally come to an end. Ding Jie found Wei Jiang and rushed to the noodle shop to order him a bowl of noodles, following the old taste.

At the dinner table, Ding Jie first poured three glasses of wine, one to celebrate the reunion, the second to express his gratitude, and the third to see him off. As for the fourth, he said, I hope that Wei Jiang will not feel guilty. It should be a relief. All the grievances in the past have turned into the bowl of noodles in front of him. Wei Jiangqiang covered his grief and ate it hungrily, gradually opening his heart knot.

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