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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 23 Recap

Li Da refused Chen Gongbo’s invitation and took Li Xintian home. Chen Gongbo was very angry. He Shuheng was playing with Li Da’s two children. Li Da came back with Li Xintian and said that he had met Chen Gongbo. Wang Huiwu asked Li Xintian to take his younger siblings back to the house to play. He remembered that many of the 13 representatives who participated in the National Congress had left the party. There has been no news since Bao Huiseng left the party. He Shuheng talked to the two of the recent situation and talked about Liu Renjing.

Li Da knew that he liked to argue with others, and he was about to stand up in a blink of an eye. The problem of relying on talents should be corrected. The two representatives from Shandong were not old back then. Unfortunately, Wang Jinmei died young and Deng Enming was arrested and imprisoned because of her weakness and unable to escape. Hearing the news of Mao Zejian’s sacrifice, Wang Huiwu was deeply distressed.

Her child was arrested and sacrificed again within a month of being born, and their children were so young that they had no parents. Mao Zejian was only 24 years old, and Wang Huiwu remembered that she liked children very much. Today is Mao Zejian’s memorial day. Li Da, Wang Huiwu and He Shuheng toast together to pay tribute to those comrades who sacrificed their lives for the revolution. Speaking of Mao Zedong’s news, He Shuheng talked about the victory of the Red First Army.

Lin Fan and Chen Qihang met, and Chen Qihang asked her to record a passage. Zhuzhou, Hunan. Mao Zedong and Zhu De advocated withdrawing to fight for Ji’an, but some people think that Nanchang should be attacked according to the original plan. Mao Zedong knew that everyone wanted to take down several big cities in one go, but now it’s not worth fighting with the enemy. Mao Zedong ate the leftovers at noon in the evening. His guard heard that Changsha is a big city and wanted to find a lunch box that could not be broken. Unfortunately, Changsha is not going to be hit now. Commissioner Zhou did not persuade Mao Zedong to fight Changsha, but was persuaded by him.

Chen Qihang and Lin Fan recorded a video together. Lin Fan mentioned that Yang Kaihui wanted to find a chance to meet Mao Zedong, but missed it. Two months later, Yang Kaihui was arrested. This miss turned out to be a farewell. In prison, Yang Kaihui put on a new dress and new shoes. Mao Anying was puzzled where she was going. Yang Kaihui smiled and said she was going out. Mao Anying didn’t know what this meant. Sun’s wife couldn’t help crying. Yang Kaihui asked her to take care of Mao Anying after she left, and then told Mao Anying that he would be back soon and let him be obedient. Mao Anying seemed to have noticed something.

Yang Kaihui held the child tightly once, and was escorted away by the prison guards. The enemy asked Yang Kaihui to sign a statement, announcing that he could leave his husband and wife relationship with Mao Zedong and go home. The enemy persuaded Yang Kaihui to think about the three children and the old mother, and sign a declaration that she could go out alive. Yang Kaihui personally tore up this statement and was subsequently killed.

Jiangxi. Chiang Kai-shek launched a siege on the Central Revolutionary Base. Despite the disparity in military strength between the two sides, under the leadership of Mao Zedong and Zhu De, the siege was successful and two radio stations were seized. At this time, Mao Zedong received the news that Yang Kaihui was killed. Mao Zedong sat in the room for a few hours without eating or drinking. Zhu De was able to understand Mao Zedong’s mood.

Mao Zedong recalled the experience of being separated from Yang Kaihui for more than three years. His heart was very painful and he blamed himself. Yang Kaihui died because of him. Zhu De comforted Mao Zedong that only by walking down can he be worthy of Yang Kaihui and Wu Ruolan, and open up a new world to comfort their heroic spirits.

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