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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 22 Recap

Deng Enming was in poor health after being arrested and imprisoned, but he insisted on hunger strike and used Huang Boyun’s name outside. Although Yang Yichen escaped, he was arrested again. Several people used the free time to give lessons to the needy friends. Several guards sympathized with the Communist Party. Deng Enming decided to use them to find a chance to escape. The comrades were very depressed because they stopped cooking for several days. Mao Zedong and Zhu De specifically explained that they would let everyone have a full meal and also made some wine. The folks heard that someone came and ran up the mountain, and everyone could only record the IOU.

It has been seven days since Wu Ruolan was arrested, and Zhu De was depressed all day long. This should have been the first year the couple had been together, but now they don’t even know whether she is alive or dead. The most important thing is that Wu Ruolan is still pregnant. I’m pregnant. Mao Zedong said that Wu Ruolan fell into the enemy’s hands in order to cover the breakthrough of the large forces. They are very concerned about Wu Ruolan’s whereabouts. Sometimes it is just a good thing to have no news. Maybe she has escaped and is trying to contact them. Having said that, Zhu De was still sad. If the enemy knew that Wu Ruolan was his wife, she would doubly torture her. They were married for a month and went to Jinggang Mountain. Before leaving, Wu Ruolan entrusted her parents to her eldest brother. It is not terrible to do the revolution.

The big deal is death. Mao Zedong comforted Zhu De that every revolutionary had already put his life and death aside when he joined, and Mao Zedong had not heard from his family for a long time. Zhu De wiped away his tears and went to a meeting with Mao Zedong. The enemy will arrive here tomorrow. Whether this battle will be fought or not is a question. Mao Zedong believes that this battle must be fought. Although the ammunition was limited, Zhu De decided to adopt a confuse tactic. At this juncture, he had to fight hard.

The enemy fell into the ambush ring, but the soldiers’ bullets were about to run out. Mao Zedong took the soldiers who could go on the battlefield together. This was the first victory of the Fourth Red Army since they left Jinggangshan. Soon after, Zhu De learned that his wife Wu Ruolan had been brutally murdered, and she was only 23 years old. Mao Zedong left the leading position of the Fourth Red Army, and Chen Yi was elected as the leading secretary of the Fourth Red Army. Lin Fan said that he could go to Jiaxing, and Chen Qihang invited her to record several programs together.

Shandong Jinan. Deng Enming got the clues hidden in Wowotou and decided to advance the escape plan. Last time Yang Yichen successfully escaped, but now most of the comrades in prison are very negative. Deng Enming set the action on the day after tomorrow and launched an escape. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China sent someone to the Fourth Red Army with a letter, and Mao Zedong wrote a reply of more than 5,000 words. The Fourth Red Army sent people to Shanghai to attend the meeting, and Zhou Enlai rushed to meet him immediately. This person was Chen Yi. There will be a meeting the day after tomorrow. Chen Yi raced against time to study and report. Speaking of the February letter, Chen Yi hoped that the central government would restore Mao Zedong’s position.

Zhou Enlai saw the comrade who had escaped from the prison. Wang Fuyuan had already been killed. This was deserved. This was an extremely busy day for Zhou Enlai, and the next few days were also spent on the go. Chen Qihang mentioned in the video that he would invite a friend to talk about it in the next few issues. The Central Plains war broke out and warlords fought in a melee. Chen Gongbo, Wang Jingwei and others decided to set up another government against Chiang Kai-shek. Chen Gongbo met Li Da on the road and got off the bus quickly. Li Da’s daughter went out to buy things and has never returned. He said that he was going to find her daughter, but Chen Gongbo was not happy. No matter how old friends meet and chat a few words.

Li Da was worried when his daughter Li Xintian came back with the things he bought. Chen Gongbo’s secretary, Miss Mo, got out of the car and urged him to leave. Chen Gongbo said that Wang Jingwei admired Li Da very much and said that he could be introduced to Wang Jingwei, but Li Da was very dissatisfied with what they did.

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