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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 26 Recap

After Ye Hui revealed his true identity to Mr. Xie, Mr. Xie ran away in a desperate manner. Liu Wenjing looked at the appearance of President Xie running away, and burst into laughter. Ye Hui remembered that he had just pretended to be Liu Wenjing’s boyfriend in front of President Xie. He was actually acquiesced, and felt happy. He amused Liu Wenjing with this. Liu Wenjing was slightly annoyed, and the two of them chased me in the garage and started fighting.

Liu Wenjing quit her job with Mr. Xie. Before she left, she wanted to take out the 10,000 yuan of money she had in the company for financial management, but was rejected by Miss Zhang, who had brought her to buy financial management. Sister Zhang asked Liu Wenjing to shred a document. Liu Wenjing discovered some clues in the document and secretly saved the document.

Xing Tianming asked her to meet. Liu Wenjing told him his doubts. He told Liu Wenjing that this company did have the problem of the white wolf with empty gloves. The two of them shot together and decided to rescue Liu Wenjing’s customers who had drawn into the company.

Liu Wenjing went to find Mr. Xie to get back his ten thousand principal, but Mr. Xie took a fake snuff bottle to prevaricate it. Xing Tianming waited for Liu Wenjing outside, and the two decided to take a long-term view and must teach Mr. Xie, who cheated money and sex, a lesson.

Liu Wenjing lied to Mr. Xie that his snuff bottle was worth 600,000 yuan and that he had found a buyer who wanted to trade with him in cash. Mr. Xie was very happy, and promised to return Liu Wenjing’s principal and go to the buyer with her. The two went to Liu Wenjing to find a good place, and it was not the buyer who waited, but Qiao Haifeng had found a lot of reporters. Mr. Xie’s deception was exposed, and people got into the game. Liu Wenjing and the others won a complete victory, and several people are proud and proud of their heroic deeds.

Liu Wenjing suffered a loss, and after Huahua’s persuasion, she finally saw the true face of Ms. Mei and decided to make a clean break with Ms. Mei. Sister Mei’s true face was seen through, and she became angry from shame. Liu Wenjing looked at this hideous face with mixed feelings in her heart. Sister Mei is the first person to help herself in this indifferent Shanghai. She has learned a lot from her, and she has also seen a lot of people’s hearts. Maybe she should thank her, but the most important thing at this time is to follow this The disagreeable woman decides. She secretly reminded herself not to become a person like Sister Mei.

Qiao Haifeng’s affection for Huahua has lost its original temperature after the cooling of time. He finally let go of this relationship, and while feeling empty in his heart, he also felt the long-lost freedom. Liu Wenjing’s defense was successful, and Xing Tianming decided to resign from the school and find a job that can better fulfill his ideals and ambitions. As soon as he resigned, the company heard about the news and invited him to be the leader of the company’s think tank team. The other party gave him a good salary, and Xing Tianming agreed after a little thought.

Huahua went shopping and saw a bag that was very similar to the bag she replaced Weiwei back then. She remembered that Liu Wenjing had been wronged because of this bag and wanted to buy it, but she hesitated and gave it up.

Huahua received a call from her first love boyfriend, who invited her to attend her wedding. In order not to lose a share in front of her first love, Huahua lied to Xing Tianming to say that it was a technology exhibition and asked him to accompany him.

After Xing Tianming arrived, he found that it was not a science and technology exhibition at all, but a wedding. He wanted to turn away in a fit of anger, but he was held back by Qiao Haifeng, who was also attending the wedding.

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