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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 25 Recap

As soon as Ye Hui came back from Europe, he asked Weiwei about Liu Wenjing’s news and learned that Liu Wenjing had gone to Kenya, so he immediately asked the secretary to book a ticket to follow Liu Wenjing. Upon seeing this, Weiwei was very annoyed, and immediately added the news that Liu Wenjing had returned that afternoon.

Xing Tianming prepared flowers to confess. He didn’t expect his younger brother to be ill at this time, so he had to postpone his plan and rushed to the hospital. Su Xiaomao regretted it and wanted to recover Liu Wenjing but was rejected. At this time, Ye Hui appeared in front of Liu Wenjing and drove away Su Xiaomao as her boyfriend. This move happened to be seen by Xing Tianming, and he left with his gift lonely.

Ye Hui accused Liu Wenjing of not asking her for help and insisting on carrying it by herself. However, Liu Wenjing was willing to rely on her own labor rather than the help of others.

Ye Hui went to Liu’s mother’s ward without saying hello. Liu Wenjing talked to him angrily, and Ye Hui promised her that she would have a sense of measure in doing things in the future and would no longer make her own claims.

Sister Mei introduced a new client to Liu Wenjing, Mr. Xie. Xie is always a half-hearted person who likes to be arty. At the banquet arranged by Sister Mei, Liu Wenjing toasted Mr. Xie with a glass of wine, and Mr. Xie immediately agreed to arrange work for Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing got a high-paying job, and she was overjoyed.

Huahua dressed up and went to Xing Tianming. She wanted to announce the good news that the copyright of her novel was sold at a high price, but she guessed it before she said Xing Tianming. Huahua came here for another purpose. In order to increase the time with Xing Tianming, she decided to learn the knowledge of stock trading with him. Xing Tianming couldn’t help but agreed with her.

Xie’s head office forced Liu Wenjing to purchase their company’s wealth management products after joining the company. Although Liu Wenjing was very excited, her money had been used to pay for her mother’s medical expenses, and now she had 10,000 yuan left. She invested all the ten thousand dollars in it. Mr. Xie came to see Liu Wenjing to eat with her when she was off work, but Liu Wenjing refused because she was unwell. President Xie reluctantly tried to impress Liu Wenjing’s heart with high-priced gifts, but was also tactfully rejected.

Huahua logged in to Xing Tianming’s account, and the operation was as fierce as a tiger, and Xing Tianming’s stock income was lost. Xing Tianming was very upset, but embarrassed to reprimand Huahua.

Mr. Xie once again waited for Liu Wenjing, who was waiting for the order, and finally found a chance to take her home. Liu Wenjing refused to no avail and had to agree to him.

Weiwei and the partner are discussing work. The other party is neither lukewarm nor lukewarm. Ye Hui happened to pass by at this time. He revealed a little about Weiwei’s family background. The partner took a 180-degree turn. Weiwei was speechless, but still smiled. people. After the partner business left, Ye Hui’s hippy smile made Weiwei happy. It turned out that Weiwei had been blacking Ye Hui for a long time because of Liu Wenjing. Ye Hui pushed her mobile phone in front of Weiwei and asked her to add herself back.

Huahua clings to Xing Tianming all day, trying to impress the heart of this iceberg, but Xing Tianming always does not accept or refuse, and his attitude is uncertain. He has used all kinds of martial arts to do so, and he is very helpless. She wandered around at Xing Tianming’s home and wanted to take a chance to please Xing Tianming. At this time, she received a call from Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing was entangled by Mr. Xie and asked her to go to the rescue. Huahua couldn’t get out of her body and called Ye Hui for help.

Ye Hui was waiting for Weiwei to add him back, and he received a call from Huahua. He grabbed his mobile phone before he could explain it to Weiwei and left. Weiwei was angry again.

In the garage, President Xie was pulling Liu Wenjing into the car, and Ye Hui rushed to protect Liu Wenjing on the grounds of drunk driving.

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