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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 9 Recap

The classmates of Bailu Academy went to Tangjiao Village, and Zhong Ziyan’s home was in Tangjiao Village and he returned to his home. When Minggu saw Zhong Ziyan leaving and asked Xie Xiaoman to help get the wooden sign, he would also follow Zhong Ziyan home. Xie Ruying didn’t want to marry Yan Boyang, so she asked Xue Yanwan to help her meet Yan Boyang at the corner of the village. Yan Boyang also left early and went to the appointment happily.

When distributing the room, Zhao Xiaoqian heard Ms. Xue say that the little lady is most afraid of catching the cold, otherwise she will have a dead body and two lives when she gives birth. He asked her husband to change Xie Xiaoman to a sunny room, and Xie Xiaoman refused to accept him and acted in front of her. Xie Xiaoman gave Xue Yanwan the room facing Xiangyang, Xie Xiaoman stepped angrily and ran away.

Zhao Xiaoqian was very scared when he saw Toad in the room. Xie Xiaoman brought him water to wash his feet. It was a bit funny to see him like this. Zhao Xiaoqian was afraid of toad, but Xie Xiaoman was not afraid at all. Instead, he picked it up and used it to tease Zhao Xiaoqian. Yan Boyang waited till it was dark and didn’t wait to come. Xie Ruying met instead. Minggu told him that Xie Ruying didn’t like him, but he didn’t believe that he was alone and was afraid to ask Minggu to stay. Next, Xie Ruying, who had waited there all night, did not wait.

Xue Yanwan got up early in the morning, and when she went out, she saw Xie Xiaoman and Ming Gu. She saw Ming Gu’s purse dropped on the ground and asked Ming Gu which Erlang she liked, maybe she could be a matchmaker. Xie Ruying ran over anxiously and interrupted several people. She said that Xue Yanwan’s embroidered shoes were missing. A few people went to the husband together, and suddenly another student ran and said that they had found Xue Yanwan’s embroidered shoes in Yan Boyang’s book bag. The person also said that Yan Boyang did not come back last night.

Zhao Xiaoqian rushed to hear about this and said that Yan Boyang could not do such a thing. Yan Boyang who had just arrived and everyone was silent. He was not clear, so he heard her husband asking him where he went yesterday in a serious tone. After Yan Boyang learned of this incident, he looked at Ming Gu who wanted her to testify. After he hesitated, he listened to her husband angrily punishing Yan Boyang to the chaifang. Ming Gu was very guilty for not coming forward to testify.

Zhao Xiaoqian returned to the room and talked to Xie Xiaoman about Yan Boyang. Zhao Xiaoqian complained that Ming Gu did not testify to Yan Boyang. Xie Xiaoman thought that if she would not testify, she said that she had spent the night outside the city. Became his concubine, and the two quarreled again when they talked about this. Ming Gu felt guilty and cooked a bowl of noodles to Yan Boyang to apologize to him. Yan Boyang also knew that women were so famous that he did not blame her.

Zhao Xiaoqian was angry and went outside. It was raining outside, and he met Toad again. He was very scared and climbed onto the bamboo, closed his eyes and shouted for promotion and fortune. Xie Xiaoman waited for a long time without seeing Zhao Xiaoqian come back with an umbrella, so he came out to find him, took him to Nanming Lake, Xie Xiaoman picked some wild fruits on the way, Zhao Xiaoqian was so angry that Xie Xiaoman ran out without eating.

Hungry at this time, Xie Xiaoman took out the wild fruit for him to eat, and the two saw Kun here. The villagers came to the husband and asked the husband to tell the students not to pick wild fruits and eat them. There is a kind of fruits that can cause hysteria.

Ming Gu asked her husband to testify for Yan Boyang and told her about what happened that night. Her husband released Yan Boyang. Her husband came to talk to Ming Gu’s parents. Ming Gu was reprimanded by her mother to learn Bian embroidery. Zhao Xiaoqian had dinner with the four of them, and Yan Boyang asked about Minggu.

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