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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 12 Recap

Xie Xiaoman was a little upset and said before that he wanted to compete with Zhao Xiaoqian in polo. After hearing what Mr. Liu said, she understood and she knew what to do. When Xie Xiaoman came to Jingnv Pavilion, she said that she herself didn’t know how she would be disgusted by the prince of the county or even sold out. She said that she had wanted to live in Yuyang all her life, planting mulberry trees when farming was busy, studying and marrying in the free time A good family can live a good life and be safe and sound for the rest of their lives.

Xie Xiaoman said that this world is very harsh on women. She did spend the night with the prince of the county that day. It was an accident, but the whole life changed because of this night. Xie Xiaoman said that she has always liked reading, because reading can be sensible, but what if she can’t even control her own destiny? If she has been living in the female commandment, she will only get more and more painful.

She said that women are not gadgets and cannot be rubbed Rubbing rounds and throwing them around, she understood what the study was for, and learned that it takes such pain and suffering to understand them. They are also humans like men. She is not afraid of fighting with anyone, she just wants to have it. To live with dignity, she asked her classmates for help today. After hearing Xie Xiaoman’s words, the students volunteered to play polo.

Yanniang asked Wang Yuanwai to help with the escape. She was willing to marry him and enter the door as his wife. Wang Yuanwai was very happy, and he promised Yanniang that he would marry her a concubine, and let her be his first wife. The saint wanted her to enter the palace. Her mother wanted her father to enter the palace and told the official that Lingniang had already made a marriage. The father said aloud that Zhao Xiaoqian would directly accept concubines in Wujiang Mansion. This was to slap them in the face. The saint has decided to bring Lingniang into the palace, and now the situation in the palace is complicated.

Xie Xiaoman and his classmates rushed forward, and Xie Xiaoman promised that if the little ladies in the future are treated unfairly by this world, she will definitely stand up first. Xie Xiaoman bought a few polo books and practiced in the room at night. Zhao Xiaoqian came in and asked Xie Xiaoman that he wanted to leave him so much. Xie Xiaoman retorted that he didn’t want her first, and why she wanted to like someone who swayed her own destiny. Zhao Xiaoqian asked her to take good care of herself after she left. People from the Su family came to thank Xiaoman. Zhao Xiaoqian asked them to drive them away. If they made trouble again, they would seal Su Changji.

Zhao Xiaoqian said that he would sell Xie Xiaoman to the person and threw him two hundred taels of silver notes and a title deed. Zhao Xiaoqian said that after the polo match, Xie Xiaoman followed him and asked him to let her leave the title deed and she told her to never meet again. Wujiang Mansion. Xie Xiaoman and the others practiced playing polo very seriously, and Zhao Xiaoqian sneaked a look.

After school, Zhong Ziyan came back to look for Shan Chang. He explained that the polo match on the day cannot be changed, but if things don’t get worse, the polo match must not have a result. So Zhong Ziyan wants to ask Shan Chang to terminate tomorrow’s match. He has his own arrangements. Resolve this matter.

At the beginning of the polo match, this was the first time a men and women played against each other in Bailu Academy. The girls played hard and earnestly. After all, there was a huge gap in strength between men and women. How could girls win the game after they just trained. Lu Mingge was about to win when he got the second prize. Both Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian were a little bit sad, and there were tears in Xie Xiaoman’s eyes. They will be separated by one more goal. Suddenly the sky started to rain, and the husband announced the suspension of the game and the fight again tomorrow. Zhao Xiaoqian just saw Xie Xiaoman as if crying. He stopped Xie Xiaoman from leaving and asked if she just cried. Xie Xiaoman ignored him and left.

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