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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 11 Recap

When Mother Zhu learned that Xie Xiaoman had returned to the house, she took someone to arrest her. Xie Xiaoman just wanted to quietly leave the rushed mother Zhu and caught her. The member Wang came to Yanniang to talk about her withdrawal. He said that as long as it was Li Su who helped her withdraw, he said that he could help and show sincerity to Yanniang.

He gave her a bracelet and said that she would use eight. Carrying the big sedan chair to marry her in, Yanniang said that she would consider it carefully. Mother Zhu arrested Xie Xiaoman and sent someone to beat Xiaoman with a ruler.

Shi Deng’er saw and told Zhao Xiaoqian, Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to stop Mother Zhu regardless of everyone’s obstacles. Zhao Xiaoqian rescued Xie Xiaoman from Mother Zhu, took her back to the room and gave her medicine. Zhao Xiaoqian told Xie Xiaoman some of his own thoughts. He talked about what happened last night. He knew that she went to Xiaozhangtai. He didn’t blame her. He just dreamed of the past. Xie Xiaoman also confessed to Zhao Xiaoqian that he indeed went to Xiaozhangtai yesterday to help Minggu.

Li Su went to find Yanniang. Yanniang asked about her withdrawal. Li Su had received a letter from Teng Gong’s refusal, but he assured the Yanniang that Teng Gong had not replied. Xie Xiaoman took the fan embroidered with Bian embroidery to Minggu in Su Mansion. Minggu showed it to her mother. The mother was very satisfied. Today is Lan Ye.

She allowed Minggu and the others to go out. Minggu and Xie Xiaoman were happy. went out. Yan Boyang went to the street and saw that throwing pots could win prizes. He wanted the white rabbit lamp and asked the boss, so he paid and started throwing pots. Minggu and Xie Xiaoman went to join Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhong Ziyan, Xie Xiaoman took Zhao Xiaoqian to see the fish lantern, leaving Minggu and Zhong Ziyan together.

Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian went to see the fish lantern. Speaking of the fish lantern as the big fish he saw that night, Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t know what made Xie Xiaoman stay there and wait for him. He went and returned. When Xie Xiaoman was waiting for Zhao Xiaoqian to see a Zhu Xing Shou passing by, she gave the espionage that had been copied to Zhu Xing Shou.

Zhao Xiaoqian came back to see this scene, and learned that Xie Xiaoman came back to spy that she didn’t like him. His heart was very sad. There are fireworks in the sky, some are happy and some are worried. Ming Gu stayed with Zhong Ziyan for a while, but she still didn’t have the courage to give him the sachet. Yan Boyang shot the pot there, but failed to make it.

Li Su also saw the scene between Yanniang and Xie Xiaoman. He approached Yanniang and asked her when she became an unscrupulous person. Yanniang retorted that if it weren’t for what he said, why should she bother to be such a bad person. Yanniang knew that Teng Gong couldn’t help her get rid of her nationality. She said why he should lie to her, and why she needed him to lie. She turned and left sadly.

Mother Zhu brought people into Xie Xiaoman’s room, and the wicker stopped in front. Just as Mother Zhu asked the wick to be taken down, Xie Xiaoman came out and stopped them. Deng Xiner tells Xie Xiaoman that Mother Zhu is going to break into the inner room and take away Xie Xiaoman’s makeup. Xie Xiaoman asks Mother Zhu why.

Mother Zhu said that the rhino horn hairpin given to Xie Xiaoman by the prince of the county was an imperial tribute. She said that if she threw it to others, she would throw it away. If she was shed, she would have grown a few heads. Not afraid to ask crimes, but the prince’s mansion could not afford to lose this person. .

Xie Xiaoman retorted that the prince of the county hadn’t delivered the goods, but Mother Zhu brought the NPC to condemn her and asked loudly whether she was going to get the prince’s face or to drive her away. Xie Xiaoman said that most of the makeup in the makeup is indeed Gifted by the county prince, Mother Zhu couldn’t stop her if she wanted to take her. Xie Xiaoman left a message, but if she moved her family’s dowry, there would be a place for her to reason in the court hall. After speaking, she took the wicks and opened them. .

Zhao Xiaoqian and Senior Brother Li had a quarrel, Ming Gu brought Xie Xiaoman in anxiously, and Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t know that Xie Xiaoman was also there. Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to sell Xie Xiaoman’s three pennies to a classmate. What Zhao Xiaoqian said hurt Xie Xiaoman’s heart. When he learned that Xie Xiaoman was still there, he was still talking. Xie Xiaoman said that he would participate in this polo quiz. If she got the first class, she would ask Shan Chang to help her redeem her.

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