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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 10 Recap

Xie Xiaoman pretended that he had forgotten what happened that night. Zhao Xiaoqian said it was okay. Anyway, it was Lan Ye in a few days. He asked Liangji to send her some clothes and jewelry. He suggested that they must play together at that time. Yan Boyang also agreed to ask Ming Gu if she was going, but Xie Xiaoman didn’t know if he planned to go to Su’s house at night, and Zhao Xiaoqian would also go there. Zhao Xiaoqian prepared a gift to accompany Xie Xiaoman to see Su’s house. Xie Xiaoman accompany his uncle Apo and they said a few words and then went to find aunt Ming. Only Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t know what to say.

Xie Xiaoman came to Minggu and learned that Minggu wanted to embroider a purse and gave it to Zhong Ziyan on Lan Ye, but she still had to learn Bian embroidery. She also knew that it was impossible for her and Zhong Ziyan to be in a dilemma. Xie Xiaoman decided to help. She took away Minggu’s ball fan to embroider her, so that Minggu could have time to embroider the purse.

Zhao Xiaoqian heard from his uncle’s mother that Lan Ye had put a mud pot to sow corn seeds before the night, and he also learned to put a mud pot to sow. Xie Xiaoman returned to the prefectural palace to study acupuncture, and the wicker saw that Xie Xiaoman was good to Aunt Ming and also good to her. Yan Boyang came to Su Mansion to find Ming Gu with something. He came to care about Ming Gu. He said that Lan Ye would go out together on that day and asked her what she would like to play if Lan Ye could go out that day. Ming Gu said that he wanted to guess the white rabbit most. light.

In the Jingnv Pavilion, Senior Brother Li was giving a lecture. He told the little ladies about Lan Ye, talked about Lan Ye’s customs, and asked the ladies to talk about Lan Ye Douqiao. Xie Xiaoman was studying the needle technique on the tuan fan. When Brother Li found out that she was distracted, he asked her to talk about it. She talked about the customs of her hometown but was laughed at by everyone. Brother Li talked to her after class. Xie Xiaoman told Senior Brother Li that Ming Gu was forbidden to learn Bian embroidery at home and she wanted to help. Before the first trip, Biandu’s lady Bian embroidery was nothing to her. Senior Brother Li offered to help her and call her Xie Xiaoman. Bian embroidery.

After school, Xie Xiaoman lied that she was going to accompany Ming Gu and asked Zhao Xiaoqian to go back first. Senior Brother Li took her to find Xingshou Zhu, but Zhao Xiaoqian was hit by someone on the road and the hairpin she was wearing dropped off. Xie Ruying and Xue Yanwan saw this scene and picked up the hairpin and got out of the car and followed Xie Xiaoman to the door of Wazi. Xie Ruying happened to see Shen Yan and gave the hairpin to him to help him return it. Shen Yan went to the Taiping Building to find Zhao Xiaoqian.

Yan Boyang in the Taipinglou said that Lan Ye would not go out with Zhao Xiaoqian and the others that day. He said that he had something to do. Shen Yan sat down next to Zhao Xiaoqian with a smile. Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t want to pay attention to him, so he took out the hairpin. Zhao Xiaoqian was very angry and asked him to change the hairpin back and not let it out.

When Xie Xiaoman returned to the mansion, she was asked by Mother Zhu when she saw the hairpin missing. Zhao Xiaoqian was drunk and was helped by Zhong Ziyan and others and asked her where the hairpin was. She lied before that she went to see Minggu and she liked to stay. He also wanted to make one. Zhao Xiaoqian naturally knew that she was not telling the truth. He lost his temper and asked Xie Xiaoman to help him change his clothes.

Xie Xiaoman and Zhao Xiaoqian quarreled and went to find aunt Ming. Xie Xiaoman asked Jia Zhixing’s poem to satirize the prime minister. The trouble was very high and he might be killed. Xie Xiaoman was a little worried about Brother Li. Red Mother prepared something for Aunt Ming. She showed it to Xie Xiaoman. A spider was weaving a web in a box. Aunt Ming also named the spider Deng Qiaoer. She told Xie Xiaoman not to think about the unhappiness. Thing.

Xie Xiaoman went to learn Bian embroidery from Zhu Xingshou and talked about Jia Zhixing’s poems. Zhu Xingshou thought of a way that Julu Junwang could receive official spy information in advance every seven days. She asked Xie Xiaoman to spy the information. Copy it down for her to think of countermeasures in advance, and Xie Xiaoman agreed.

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