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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 13 Recap

Zhang Zihao vomited bitterness to Yue Lan. He tried his best to do everything well, but he was scolded by his grandfather. Zhang Zihao ignored the predecessors and promised to let Liangzi transfer 10 million to the TV station tomorrow and continue to support Yue Lan naturally couldn’t ask for Yue Lan’s program, so she and Zhang Zihao changed their cups.

The new season’s vegetables will be on the market soon. Sun Guangming went to the vegetable farm to choose a variety of vegetables for tasting, and asked Xu Youyou to taste them with him. They firmly believed that organic vegetables would be a big seller this time. Li Jian’an publicly read the review book on the loudspeaker of the village committee. He regretted leading the wolf into the room and pushed all the guilt on Zhang Zihao.

Xu Youyou recorded it all. Zhao Yuxi heard Li Jian’an’s insincere attitude, but Liu Fugui felt relieved. Zhao Yuxi eloquently told how he bravely rushed to the village committee and threatened Li Jian’an to write a review. Liu Fugui encouraged Zhao Yuxi to straighten his waist. People in screamed praises of Zhao Yuxi, praised him as the strong backing of the old Zhao family, and with Liu Fugui cheering on the side, Zhao Yuxi was happy from ear to ear.

Sun Guangming took Xu to a hotel to sell vegetables early in the morning to ensure that the vegetables in this season were organic. The hotel manager had a lingering fear on the pesticide vegetables in Houshigou Village. They looked for all kinds of excuses. Xu Youyi felt very sorry for Sun Guangming and didn’t want to watch it. He went around begging grandpa to tell grandma, suggesting to ask Zhang Zihao for help.

Zhang Zihao was discussing the details of the advertisement with Yue Lan. Sun Guangming brought Xu Youyi to visit Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao didn’t want to see them. Sun Guangming came in directly carrying vegetables and explained his intentions, asking Zhang Zihao to resume peace. Zhang Zihao flatly refused the purchase and sale contract of organic vegetables in Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming and Xu Youyi tried to persuade Zhang Zihao with one word and one word.

Zhang Zihao broadcasted what Li Jianan had said in the review. He vowed that he would never purchase vegetables from Houshigou Village again, and Sun Guangming would not buy anymore. Forced, Xu Youwei regretted broadcasting the matter live. Yue Lan took the initiative to leave the vegetables Sun Guangming brought, and Sun Guangming took Xu back with disappointment.

Liu Fugui encouraged Zhao Yuxi to take advantage of the victory. As long as Zhao Yushan and Feng Jinbao are dealt with, he can be the head of the old Zhao family. Zhao Yuxi used Jiu Jin to negotiate with Feng Jinbao. Feng Jinbao did not agree with him to be a family leader. Zhao Yuxi gritted his teeth and robbed a bucket of oil before leaving. Zhao Meifeng was speechless and asked Feng Jinbao to invite Zhao Yushan out of the mountain.

Feng Jinbao came to see Zhao Yushan overnight and brought some supplements. Zhao Yuxi followed him and quietly opened the door of Zhao Yushan’s house. Feng Jinbao persuaded Zhao Yushan to come out again and took this opportunity to take down Li Jianan. Zhao Yushan only wanted to treat Zhao Xinlong and did not want to manage the old Zhao’s family. Feng Jinbao complained to Zhao Yushan. Zhao Yuxi was domineering in the village, and he had already taken himself. When the old Zhao’s family was in charge, Zhao Yushan saw that Feng Jinbao wanted to be a family member and encouraged him to strive for it. Feng Jinbao left with satisfaction.

Zhao Yuxi heard the conversation between Feng Jinbao and Zhao Yushan. He gritted his teeth with anger. Zhao Yuxi walked halfway and went back to pry open the door of Zhao Yushan’s house. Xichun caught him on the spot. Zhao Yuxi forced her to hand over the Zhao family’s old house. The key, Zhao Yushan heard the news, Zhao Yuxi faked the words of the grandmother, and asked Zhao Yushan to recommend him as the old Zhao family.

When Zhao Yushan learned that Zhao Yuxi wanted the key to the Zhao family’s old house, he called Zhao Yuxi early in the morning and solemnly handed him the key to the old house. Zhao Yuxi was ecstatic and vowed to take good care of the old house. Zhao Yuxi took the key to show off under the big locust tree, while Liu Fugui helped and sent the sweet-scented osmanthus to the women’s group to promote it. Seeing that Zhao Yuxi had obtained the key to the old house, Zhao Meifeng hurriedly reported to Feng Jinbao, who thought she was more capable.

Sun Guangming wanted to take Xu Youyou to participate in the annual agricultural product exhibition and sales meeting, and strive for a big booth to promote the organic vegetables in the village freely. Sun Guangming asked Xu Youyou to shoot the video of the vegetable base in all directions. Feng Jinbao hurriedly came to Sun Guangming to report on his work, and he also listed several items in a long time. Sun Guangming was very impatient.

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