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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 12 Recap

After Zhao Yuxi listened to Liu Fugui’s words, he stopped the haircut. Grandpa watched the video of Zhang Zihao’s generous donation to help Houshigou Village, and praised his approach. Grandpa suggested to send a box of pancakes to each employee. Zhang Zihao excuses that he has already asked someone to help sell the pancakes, and his grandfather no longer Ask more.

Yue Lan learned that Zhang Zihao had sent the pancakes to the pig farm and asked his assistant to take the evidence and send it back to the TV station for exposure. Zhang Zihao’s assistant Liangzi came out of the pig farm and suddenly found that Yue Lan’s assistant was secretly taking pictures next to him. He didn’t dare to delay, and immediately went back to report to Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao came to Yue Lan overnight and saw that she was finishing the video taken by her assistant, begging her not to broadcast the incident.

Yue Lan insisted on reporting truthfully. Zhang Zihao worried that the incident would have a negative impact on him after it was exposed. She promised to put 10 million yuan in advertising fees for Yue Lan’s column. Yue Lan still didn’t buy it. She would rather not have the 10 million yuan in advertising fees, but also expose what Zhang Zihao did.

Liangzi asked Sun Guangming to persuade Yue Lan. Zhang Zihao hurriedly called Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming was furious when he learned that Zhang Zihao had sent three carts of pancakes to the pig farm. When Sun Guangming yelled at him, Zhang Zihao begged Sun Guangming to persuade Yue Lan not to expose the matter, otherwise it would bring a devastating blow to the pancakes in Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming asked him to find the pancakes before talking.

Zhang Zihao came to the pig farm at three in the morning. He didn’t expect that the factory manager would have sent someone to crush the pancakes to feed the pigs. Zhang Zihao was speechless with anger. The assistant asked Zhang Zihao to find a way to get pancakes in a car. Zhang Zihao called Li Jian’an to buy pancakes. The pancake cooperative had no stock. Li Jian’an promised to deliver them within ten days, but he wanted them before dawn.

Li Jianan came to Liu Haitang early in the morning to announce the good news. Liu Haitang was watching Yue Lan’s “Life Lianliankan” program in front of the TV following Sun Guangming’s instructions. In the program, Yue Lan exposed that Zhang Zihao sent the three-car pancakes to the nursery. About the pig farm, Liu Haitang and Li Jianan were dumbfounded. The members of the pancake cooperative came to Liu Haitang’s theory. Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui took the opportunity to watch the excitement and encouraged the villagers to quit the club immediately. Zhao Yuxi took out the two thousand yuan receipt for Guilan to join the pancake company and forced Liu Haitang to return the money for joining. Fees, but Liu Haitang didn’t have any money, and the villagers strongly protested.

Sun Guangming came here after hearing the news and persuaded everyone not to cross the river to demolish the bridge. He wanted to understand the painstaking efforts of Liu Haitang and Li Jian’an, and promised to meet as soon as possible to study a solution. Zhao Yuxi saw it and led the villagers to go away. Li Jianan regretted going to Zhang Zihao for help, but he was self-defeating. Feng Jinbao suggested to sue Zhang Zihao. Both Li Jianan and Liu Haitang thought it was feasible. Sun Guangming thought they were making trouble.

Sun Guangming saw blood for a while and pointed out that the pancakes did have quality problems, so he didn’t get an order at the trade fair, and they were all returned by the supermarket. Sun Guangming felt that the most important thing before him was to solve the pancake problem. He compiled a detailed list of hungry information. It shows that the sales of pancakes in the whole province are declining, and the taste of pancakes in Houshigou Village lacks improvement and cannot keep up with the development concept. Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang are desperate. Sun Guangming suggests that everyone go back and think about it. Based on traditional pancakes Inject new elements on.

Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui came uninvited and wanted to observe the village committee meeting as representatives of the villagers. They both wanted to pursue the main person responsible for the pancake incident. Li Jianan took the initiative to bear all guilt and Liu Fugui refused to forgive him. , Forcing Li Jian’an to make a review in front of all the villagers, Li Jian’an left the meeting angrily, Sun Guangming persuaded Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui to leave, but Liu Haitang cried aggrievedly.

Zhang Zihao was playing a game, and his grandfather suddenly came to him and asked him about the crime. Zhang Zihao hurriedly hung up the line. It was too late for him to hide. His grandfather gave him a severe lesson. Zhang Zihao repeatedly confessed his mistakes and admitted that he had not considered comprehensively. Grandpa was ashamed. Zhang Zihao asked Yue Lan to come to the western restaurant for dinner. Yue Lan came in to find out that Zhang Zihao had bought this restaurant for her. She felt overwhelmed. Zhang Zihao insisted that she made pancakes from Houshigou Village. Feeding pigs is right.

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