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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 11 Recap

Sun Guangming asked Lianyi to help check the pancake sales in the city. Xu Youyou hurried back to report to Sun Guangming. She broadcasted the whole process of Li Jianan’s secret meeting. Sun Guangming was furious and complained that she had no brains in doing things. Publicly, Sun Guangming was placed on the cusp of the storm and there was no room for change. Only when Xu Youyi realized the seriousness of the problem, he was so scared that he repeatedly admitted his mistake.

In the middle of the night, Xu Youyi dreamed that Sun Guangming was besieged. She was frightened awake and saw Sun Guangming making water to boil shrimp. Xu Youyou was drooling with the smell. Sun Guangming asked her to taste it together. Xu Youyou used the wine. Jin urged Sun Guangming to leave as early as possible. Xu’s only video quickly spread. TV and newspapers rushed to report about the secret meeting of the Houshigou Village Committee to remove Sun Guangming. The villagers gathered together to discuss.

Zhao Yuxi was worried and worried that Li Jian’an would take the position of village director from now on, and his dream would be completely wiped out. Liu Fugui didn’t know how to persuade him. Sun Guangming took the initiative to report to Secretary Yu. Secretary Yu had already watched the video posted by Xu Youyi and pointed out that the key to the contradiction between Sun Guangming and Li Jianan was Zhang Zihao’s purchase of pancakes. Secretary Yu supported Sun Guangming’s approach. Sun Guangming suddenly realized the idea that “ruling a big country is like cooking small fresh food”.

Li Jianan jointly wanted to dismiss Sun Guangming. His superiors quickly gave instructions to let Sun Guangming stay in Houshigou Village as the first secretary, urging him to communicate with the village committee members. Li Jianan’s meticulously planned action turned out to be a complete failure. Very disappointed. Zhao Yuxi was in a good mood, pulled Liu Fugui to drink celebration wine, and vowed to compete with Li Jian’an.

Feng Jinbao regretted raising his hand to support Li Jian’an, and worried that Sun Guangming would wear small shoes to him. He vomited bitterness at Zhao Meifeng. Zhao Meifeng asked him to take the initiative to find Sun Guangming to apologize. Feng Jinbao had no face to see Sun Guangming. Zhao Meifeng saw from the video that he was forced Raise your hand, and raise your hand very low.

Feng Jinbao plucked up the courage to come to Sun Guangming and explained in detail the situation of the meeting that day. Sun Guangming did not want to pursue the matter. Feng Jinbao repeatedly explained that he was forced. He deliberately raised his hand to protest against Li Jianan and his wife. Xu Youyi was teased After having laughed, Sun Guangming couldn’t help but laughed. Instead, he kindly persuaded Feng Jinbao. Feng Jinbao vowed to be absolutely loyal to Sun Guangming from now on.

Sun Guangming came to the village committee for a regular meeting early in the morning. Li Jianan and the other four village committee members came early. Sun Guangming agreed to accept Zhang Zihao’s help. Li Jianan asked Sun Guangming to preside over the ceremony. Sun Guangming flatly refused, Liu Haitang , Yimin, Guilan, Li Jian’an and Feng Jinbao stood up and confessed to Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming felt that they were not only right, but also praised that they had done a good job, and that it would be good to communicate face-to-face when something happened.

Liu Haitang promised to find someone to move the pancakes today. Sun Guangming wanted to wait until Zhang Zihao arrived. Liu Haitang persuaded Sun Guangming to attend the ceremony. Sun Guangming was kind and hard but had to agree. Li Jianan was very satisfied and immediately announced the adjournment of the meeting. , Sun Guangming hurriedly stopped him and announced to everyone the five decisions of the city.

Zhang Zihao brought three trucks to Houshigou Village. The villagers beat gongs and drums to welcome them. Xu Youwei broadcasted the whole process live, and Yue Lan also led the team to follow up the interview. Li Jianan presided over the welcoming ceremony. Zhang Zihao repeatedly claimed to bring warmth to Houshigou Village. The ribbon-cutting ceremony followed immediately. Sun Guangming refused to come on stage. Li Jianan and Liu Haitang accompanied Zhang Zihao to cut together. Zihao took out a transfer check of 500,000 yuan, and the villagers applauded and cheered warmly.

Li Jianan arranged for the villagers to move the pancakes. Yue Lan conducted an exclusive interview with Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao repeatedly stated that he was sincere and sincere to help the village solve problems. Yue Lan was curious about how the batch of pancakes should be handled. Leave it to the villagers. Zhang Zihao sent his assistant to send three carts full of pancakes to the pig farm. Yue Lan asked the assistant to follow the pancake cart quietly, wondering where Zhang Zihao sent the pancakes.

Liu Haitang and Li Jianan distributed pancakes to the villagers. The villagers lined up to collect the money. Liu Haitang deliberately asked the Zhao family to express their gratitude to Li Jianan first. Zhao Wu insisted on doing it. Zhao Yuxi yelled at Zhao when he learned about it. Wu lost the face of the old Zhao family, he came directly to Liu Haitang to settle the account, Liu Haitang asked him to say thank you to Li Jianan, Zhao Yuxi resolutely refused to do it. Zhao Liying took the lead to express his gratitude to Li Jian’an. Liu Haitang only paid her 100 yuan in salary, and Zhao Liying was so angry that she cursed.

Zhao Yuxi resolutely refused to thank Li Jianan, Liu Haitang refused to give the money, Zhao Yuxi became angry and rushed to beat Liu Haitang, Li Jianan promised to give him the money, only for the face of his wife Guilan, Li Jianan exposed Zhao Yuxi in public. I am idle, relying on Guilan’s family to run this home away from home. Li Jianan and Guilan were classmates since childhood. He loved Guilan very much, so Zhao Yuxi took the money and went away. Zhao Yuxi took the money to play cards, but was caught on the spot by the town police station. Zhao Yuxi complained repeatedly.

Guilan hurriedly came to Sun Guangming for help and asked him to help rescue Zhao Yuxi. Zhao Yuxi went out to see Guilan and made apologize to her. Guilan left without looking back. Zhao Yuxi begged Sun Guangming to come forward and ask for it For the pancake, Sun Guangming gave him a severe lesson. Zhao Yuxi went home and knelt down to confess her mistake to Guilan. Guilan was disappointed in him and complained that Zhao Yuxi didn’t know she felt sorry for her. She managed the family by herself. Zhao Yuxi found out that she and Li Jianan said exactly what Li Jianan said. She was suspicious. Li Jian’an has never forgotten Gui Lan, so he has not gotten married yet. Gui Lan doesn’t want to listen to him stalking and forcibly kicking him out of the house.

Zhao Yuxi came to Liu Fugui overnight to complain. Liu Fugui complained that he has no long-term skills. If he wants to do big things, he must persist. Liu Fugui helped him plan two roads to the village director. Zhao Yuxi first went to the Zhao family’s old house. Then bring Lao Zhao’s family to overthrow Li Jian’an.

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