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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 9 Recap

Ling Yue held An Xin in the car to prevent her from leaving, and apologized to her very sincerely, and tenderly let An Xin forgive her, and also ate the jealousy of An Xin and her eldest brother. This time, An Xin made a smile. After An Xin returned home, he wanted to transfer the money to President Ling, but President Ling sent a heart-shaped payment code to make An Xin call it numb.

Ling Yue and Xin’er met in the elevator, but Xin’er always mentioned An Xin abruptly and asked if An Xin was Ling’s girlfriend. However, President Ling said An Xin was not his girlfriend and was pursuing An Xin, but An Xin had not yet agreed. Xin’er pulled her face down when she heard it, and deliberately looked for opportunities to get closer to Ling.

An Xin successfully joined the Zhaoshi Culture, and Yoyo went to eat barbecue with her brother to celebrate An Xin. But in the barbecue restaurant, there were uninvited guests again. Ling Fang originally ordered a lot of red wine and hot pot for no reason.

But after a while, Ling Yue also came, with the five of them, and my brother suddenly felt that the meal was not fragrant. The eldest brother roasted the meat. In desperation, Ling Yue went out of the horse, and the roast was very good. Qing came out of blue and was better than blue. It was originally taught by An Xin.

After talking about Ling Yue, it was hot, but An Xin was anxious, and the two went to buy ointment together. Ling Yue brought An Xin to his car. Ling Yue must forgive himself with peace of mind, and don’t reject himself thousands of miles away. As soon as An Xin said that forgiveness was okay, Ling Yue kissed her before her words fell. He didn’t stop without forgiving herself. He made An Xin laugh, forgave Ling Yue, and promised him to go home with him tomorrow.

After An Xin and Ling Yue left, Ling Fang also left. Only You You and An Sheng were left. This was a disguised way to create opportunities for the two of them. Yoyo saw that An Sheng had been drinking red wine and said that he should have white wine for barbecue, but only a glass was poured. After getting up, he became drunk. While waiting for An Sheng to drive, he quarreled with people on the side of the road. Finally, An Sheng took Yoyo back.

Early the next morning, Ling Yue came downstairs to pick An Sheng and gave her perfume. After arriving at the Ling’s house, Xin’er and the third child were playing the piano. The eldest brother did not forget to find fault with Anxin. He even said that Anxin had never gone to college. He wanted to embarrass Anxin, but he never expected that Anxin would never give up and would not leave her a little bit. The opportunity to hurt yourself. After seeing An Xin, Mr. Ling loved him very much. An Xin gave Uncle Ling a brush on the table. It was An Xin’s mother’s favorite to keep him as a souvenir.

But I didn’t expect Xiner to laugh and say that it was really expensive. As for Xin’er, she claimed to be a Baroque art painting. An Xin smiled after seeing it. Uncle Ling saw it and asked her if she had anything to say. An Xin said without mercy that this painting was not from the Baroque period but from the Mannerist period. Uncle Ling took An Xin with admiration, and he deserved to be Jin Hao’s daughter. Then Uncle Ling asked to put the painting Xin’er sent to the toilet upstairs.

Uncle Ling said that he also had a gift to give her, so he wanted to give her the 5% of the shares, but An Xin refused to accept it. Uncle Ling said that he respected her choice. After eating and drinking, Ling Yue originally prepared a surprise for An Xin, but it was destroyed by his elder brother, but An Xin found out. But An Xin is still very happy. The two people have a lingering affection. You and me, Uncle Ling upstairs is also very happy to watch, saying that An Xin is a good boy, and I hope Ling will treat her well.

Ling Yue sent An Xin home, but took her to the place where An Xin used to live. An Xin also said that he had forgotten that he could no longer live here. He didn’t know that, this was also a surprise that Ling Yue prepared for her. Ling Yue bought the house again, and put all his experiences and An Xin’s bit by bit in this house, so that An Xin couldn’t be pleasantly surprised after seeing it. Ling Yue also signed a special agreement with An Xin, so that An Xin can live here for the rest of his life. This is not only the beginning of the relationship, but also the continuation of the relationship.

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