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Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 Episode 8 Recap

When An Sheng came home, he mentioned An Xin. The family was eating happily, but when his father heard the word An Xin, he became angry. Xin’er and Aunt Hong refused to let An Sheng mention her.

An Xin was sleeping, and she suddenly woke up when she dreamed that she had a dispute with Mr. Gu and drove her out of the house. There was noisy outside the door, and An Xin opened the door to see that it turned out that the landlord had moved everything out. An Xin was very aggrieved. She hadn’t even found a house yet, but the landlord didn’t care about it, and moved out in despair.

Sitting on the side of the road, I was crying aggrievedly. At this time, my brother came and wanted to move to his own home with peace of mind. At first, An Xin did not agree, but after some guidance from my brother, he agreed and promised that once he found a house. Just move out.

Just after An Xin moved to his brother’s house, news came from Ling Yue and rushed there in a hurry, but was afraid that Gu Ansheng would not let him in, so she asked Ai Li to pretend to be a courier to call him to get the courier. An Xin also asked her brother to buy some delicious food when he took the courier, because her good friend Yoyo was coming. Just after his elder brother left the house, Ling Yue went to find An Xin. An Xin was still wondering why he was so fast. When he opened the door, it turned out that it was Ling Yue. He broke in just as soon as he was about to close the door.

And each side happened to run into Yoyo in the supermarket. Yoyo fell in love with An Sheng at first sight, and chased An Sheng up the elevator. Unexpectedly, the two of them were on the 18th floor, and they realized each other’s identities. Ling Yue leaned An Xin on the wall and told her meaningfully that no matter how much she pushed him away, she would not give up.

When the two of them reached the depths, Ling Yue kissed An Xin, An Xin did not refuse, and suddenly a spoon fell and smashed it. It was only on Ling Yue’s head that they interrupted the two. When Ling Yue saw An Xin’s button open at home, he wanted to help with it. Anxious, the two entangled and entangled. Suddenly his brother went home and saw the scene of the two of them.

He misunderstood, so he went up and beat Ling Yue , Ling Yue did not resist either. An Xin hurriedly stopped his brother and explained that it was a misunderstanding, and just like that, Ling Yue went back with a sad face. Here, Yo-yo is dedicated to An Xin, and An Xin understands in seconds. It turns out that Yo-yo wants to be her sister-in-law. Ling Yue sent a message to An Xin, and An Xin thought about it again and again and never returned to Ling Yue.

Early the next morning, An Sheng was cooking breakfast, and An Xin came out wearing shorts. His brother looked at him and was embarrassed, so he asked An Xin to go back and put on his pants. Just after changing the pants, there was a courier. It turned out that Ling Yue had delivered the breakfast and told her not to eat An Sheng. After listening to An Sheng, he immediately threw it away. He also told An Xin what she wanted to eat and made it for her without taking his. situation.

Here, Lingyue’s company actually spread the scandal about Ai Li and Ling Yue, because Ling Yue asked if Ai Li had breakfast. In fact, Ling Yue asked whether he had breakfast with Anxin. There was a misunderstanding and it happened to be heard by Doctor Xiao. , And ran to question Ling Yue. Ling Yue didn’t bother to talk to Doctor Xiao and told him that he was going on a business trip, so that Doctor Xiao stared at An Xin.

An Xin returned to the company and found that someone had sent a lot of brand-name bags, so she returned them. It turned out that it was General Ling Fang, who even threatened An Xin to enter the house with a bad review to talk to him. After An Xin sat down, Ling Fang always gave the house and the bag again. He wanted to be his girlfriend at ease. An Xin couldn’t stand it, so he scolded him and added chili pepper to what Ling Yue had made for himself. The Liushen of the face sprayed on his face.

After returning to the company, An Xin thought that the last order did not receive a full five-star praise. However, the boss said that he not only had a good review, but also called to thank him. An Xin thought that although Ling Fang was a bit perverted, he was not bad. In this way, after finishing the last order, he left the company with peace of mind. An Xin was chased by Ling Fang as soon as she left the house, Ling Yue appeared and fought his eldest brother to bring peace of mind to her. After getting in the car, both of them had something to say in their hearts, but they both thought silently, and no one wanted to say it. After Ling Yue sent An Xin to the place, An Xin was about to get out of the car and Ling Yue stopped him, not allowing An Xin to leave…

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