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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 31 Recap

Qingqing came to ask Mingge Xingjun for a booklet for accelerating his cultivation. Mingge Xingjun warmly received Qingqing and asked Qingqing about Qingyan about to turn eighteen years old. Not only Long Yan looked forward to it, but he also looked forward to Qingyan. At the age of eighteen. Subsequently, Mingge Xingjun used to inject spiritual power into Qingqing’s mandala and weaver girl, and secretly exchanged the female handkerchief on Qingqing’s forehead.

The birthday of True Person Xuanyang is coming, and Qingyan is going to gather Jialou Luohua on the Sauron Volcano to celebrate the birthday of True Person Xuanyang. The Sauron volcano was shrouded in dark clouds all year round, and the light smoke went to the cliff to take the Jialuo flower. She took the Jialuo flower on the steep cliff, but suddenly the rock fell against the light smoke, and the light smoke instinctively caught it.

The rope survived. She didn’t want the rope to break, and light smoke fell off the cliff. Fortunately, she was rescued by the rolled leaves and she fell to the bottom of the cliff safely. As everyone knows, the reason why she was able to get Jialuo Louhua so easily is because of Long Yan’s help. Long Yan has dragon breath on his body. Once he gets close to Light Smoke, he will be noticed by Light Smoke. Xue Qianxun took the initiative to borrow a Soul Eater fan. For Long Yan, this fan is one of the keepsakes of the pavilion master of Luofeng Pavilion, and it can also help Long Yan hold the dragon’s breath.

Qingyan couldn’t find his way back around the bottom of the cliff, Long Yan turned into fireflies to bring Qingyan out of Sauron Volcano. Seeing Qingyan resting in the cave, Long Yan approached Qingyan unconsciously. He fell into the dream of Qingyan again. Qingyan suddenly recognized that Long Yan was the one she was waiting for. This was in the dream, she Willingly asked Long Yan to carry her home, Long Yan was unconditionally satisfied with Qingyan, and walked through the sky with her back, Qingyan admired Long Yan, she took the initiative to kiss Long Yan boldly, very greedy for this moment of intimacy.

The next day, Qing Yan woke up at the bottom of the mountain. She remembered last night’s dream, and believed that Long Yan must have sent her back. She was about to turn eighteen years old, and she would soon be able to see Long Yan. Qingyan gave the Jialuo House flower to Real Person Xuanyang as a birthday gift. Real Person Xuanyang was very pleased. He just needed this flower. For nothing else, he just wanted to refine weapons to deal with the demon dragon that has been lingering around Kunlun Mountain. .

Recently, there have been many more demons in Kunlun Mountains. Real Man Xuan Yang believed that this was the covet of the demons by Qingyan’s unique Yuanshen. He planned to bring Qingyan senior sister and brother down the mountain to eliminate demons, so he left a golden eagle dagger for Qingyan’s defense.

Qingyan summoned Qingqing, she and Qingqing were already good friends, not only took out cakes to share with Qingqing, but also showed Qingqing the dagger given by Xuan Yang. Unexpectedly, as soon as Qing Yan opened the dagger, Qing Qing had a headache. This dagger was made from Garuda flower, which could attract the demon’s spiritual power. Seeing the dagger would hurt Qingqing, Qingyan put away the dagger, and she showed Qingqing her recently original spell. This spell is the sky flowing in the sky that Longyan used for Qingyan in the dream, and it is also used to miss Qingyan. The Law of Dragon Flame.

Cat demon’s sister was caught by Kunlun Mountain, and she was burned by the real fire of Kunlun Mountain, so light smoke came to take care of Huadian. Huadian recognized that Qingyan was Liuying two hundred years ago. She called Liuying’s name and suggested that Long Yan, who accompanied Qingyan back then, was kind-hearted, and she couldn’t bear the pain when she saw Huayan.

He also wanted to know Long Yan’s name, so he stepped forward and withdrew the real fire. Unexpectedly, Huadian had used the world’s drug to light smoke, she walked by her side with the sword of light smoke, still because of the life-saving grace of the year did not kill light smoke.

When Qing Yan woke up, she confessed to Master Xuan Yang and her senior sister. It was because she believed in the cat demon to make a mistake. Both Master Xuan Yang and Senior Sister reprimanded Qian Yan and sent her to Hou Shan to think about it. Qingyan wanted to catch the cat demon back. She used the firefly tracking technique on the cat demon. If the senior sister didn’t believe in Qingyan, she only let Qingyan obediently go to Houshan to think about it. Qingyan has always been bold. She was going to retrieve the cat demon by herself.

She didn’t know that the cat demon was rescued by a mysterious person. The man asked the cat to approach Qingyan, and he was going to take something from Qingyan. The cat demon didn’t want to hurt Qingyan’s life, but she had to repay the person in front of her for saving her life, so she agreed to this person’s request and deliberately approached Qingyan.

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