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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 30 Recap

Yuchi Longyan carried Xiao Qingyan back to Kunlun Mountain. Xiao Qingyan felt that Yuchi Longyan was very familiar and liked Yuchi Longyan very much. After Yuchi Longyan arrived at Kunlun Mountain, he gave Xiao Qingyan a piece of jade pendant and left Kunlun Mountain in this way. Master Xuan Yang furious in Kunlun Mountains for Xiao Qingyan’s disappearance. At this time, Xiao Qingyan came back and talked about how he was rescued.

True person Xuan Yang felt that Qing Yan could not learn spells in meditation, so she punished Qing Yan to practice Qingxin Song every day until she was able to calm down. Qingyan grew up unknowingly. She grew up in Kunlun Mountains. Since childhood, she determined to kill demons and demons, so Xueqian couldn’t let Qingqing get close to Qingyan. On this day, Qingyan and Senior Sister went to catch the cat demon. Because the cat demon fell in love with the human man Xu Gongzi, Kunlun Mountain felt that she was bewitching humans, so she wanted to take her life.

When the cat demon was besieged, it showed that she and Mr. Xu were in love with each other and asked Qingyan to let them go. The Kunlun School masters refused to let go of the cat demon, because the thought they were instilled from childhood was that they could not let go of any demon that harmed humans, so they refused to let go of the cat demon. Seeing that it was useless to intercede with the cat demon, he could only fight with Qingyan and the others. At this time, the young man Xu ran out to protect the cat demon, begging them to let the cat demon go.

The elder sister insisted on getting rid of the cat demon. When the cat demon was almost hit by the sword, Xu Gongzi blocked the cat demon and died. Seeing that his lover was dead, the cat demon wanted to kill Qingyan and them with sorrow, but the cat demon refused to let the cat demon do this. The cat demon wanted to ask Qingyan and them to help her and Xu Gongzi bury her together, but the big sister refused to agree, except for the cat demon, she took everyone back.

When Qingqing watched Qingyan catching the cat demon, she accidentally lost the sachet that Xueqian was looking for, and hurried back to the place to look for it at night when she remembered it. Thinking of the affectionate affection between the cat demon and Xu Gongzi, Qing Yan couldn’t rest assured, so she wanted to fulfill the cat demon’s last wish and bury them together. When Qingyan went to help the cat demon, it happened that the sister of the cat demon came, thinking that it was Qingyan who had killed her sister, so she started to kill Qingyan.

Qingqing saw that Qingyan had started with Sister Cat Demon and immediately went out to stop her. Sister Cat demon only realized that Qingyan was the Liuying who had rescued her before, so she let her go and left. Because Qing Qing helped her and was familiar with Qing Qing, Qing Yan became good friends with Qing Qing. Qingqing didn’t expect that Qingyan would be willing to make friends with her, so she taught Qingyan three summoning spells, and when Qingyan missed her, he called her.

Qingyan thought that Qingqing might like to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cakes. After having the sweet-scented osmanthus cakes, she immediately went to see Qingqing, but she didn’t expect to be touched by Suicide and Real Person Xuanyang. Qingyan divided some sweet-scented osmanthus cakes to commit suicide, and then lied to Master Xuanyang to practice qigong, and quietly hid to see Qingqing and ate sweet-scented osmanthus cakes together. Yuchi Longyan was so happy to see Qingyan and Qingqing eating the sweet-scented osmanthus cake together, and he was very happy, but the real person Xuanyang sensed the breath of the dragon demon and chased him.

Qingqing disappeared in time, without letting Master Xuanyang discover that Master Xuanyang felt that the Dragon Demon was nearby because of the Dragon Slashing Sword, and kept asking Qingyan whether he found anything abnormal. Yuchi Longyan didn’t want to have a conflict with Master Xuanyang, so he left quietly, and Qingyan didn’t find Yuchi Longyan, so Master Xuanyang didn’t ask any more.

Qing Yan thought of Yuchi Longyan in her heart, she wanted to send a gift to Yuchi Longyan, just as her eighteenth birthday was approaching, the elder sister made her a birthday peach, so she took the birthday peach to find Qingqing. Qingyan asked Qingqing to eat the peach peaches. By the way, she asked Qingqing about embroidering things on her purse. She didn’t expect Qingqing to discover it all at once. She wanted to give her purse to her sweetheart.

Qingqing went to find a gift for Xueqian, and gave the Lingyu he had pulled out before as a gift, while Xueqianxun was receiving the gift and asked about Qingqing’s practice. Qingqing has been evading from practicing, Xue Qianxun had to tell Qingqing the reason why he forced Qingqing to practice. Xue Qianxun explained that he wanted to stay with Qingqing for thousands of years, but Qingqing was a bird demon whose lifespan was too short, so he wanted Qingqing to rise to an immortal and obtain longevity.

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