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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 29 Recap

Qing Qing’s unintentional words made Xue Qian find her heart, he immediately ran to find Mingge Xingjun, to see if he could find a treasure, and give Qing Qing as a token of love. Minggexingjun showed Xueqian a treasure that men liked, and Xueqianxun didn’t like it at all. Minggexingjun immediately asked Xueqianxun if he wanted to find a treasure for a woman.

Xueqianxun did not admit that he wanted to find a woman’s treasure, Mingge Xingjun could only pretend to believe, and continued to ask about Xueqianxun’s needs. Unexpectedly, Xueqian directly fell in love with the mandala weaver he just found . Xueqian sought out the binding net made with her own spiritual power, and exchanged the mandala and weaver handkerchief with Mingge Xingjun. Mingge Xingjun felt that he was too cheap, so he sent a few more pots of three teas to Xue Qianxun.

Xue Qianxun originally wanted to give Qingqing a surprise, but she didn’t expect Qingqing to see the mandala and weaver handkerchief in advance, and she liked it very much, which made him really embarrassed to take it back. Xue Qianxun explained that the mandala and weaver handkerchief was his token of love for Qingqing, and then used it to get rid of the meteor marks on Qingqing’s forehead. Qingqing was so happy when she saw that her meteor marks had disappeared. She couldn’t help but kiss Xueqian for a bite, and ran to see the wedding.

After Yuchi Longyan proposed to Feng Chenyue, Feng Chenyue lamented that she had nothing to give to Yuchi Longyan, but Yuchi Longyan said that he didn’t want to just Feng Chenyue for anything. When Feng Chenyue heard Yuchi Longyan’s words, she cut off her hair and gave it to Yuchi Longyan. He wanted to have hair with Yuchi Longyan for generations. Yuchi Longyan was particularly moved by what Feng Chenyue said. Just when he was about to kiss Feng Chenyue, Qingqing and Xuanming hid beside them and took a peek, alarming them.

Seeing that she had been discovered, Qingqing explained to Yuchi Longyan that marriage should be done in accordance with the customs of the world and let Feng Chenyue wear a red wedding gown. Yuchi Longyan had prepared a wedding gown for Liu Ying a long time ago. Although the wedding gown was very gorgeous and exquisite, it could not be liked by Feng Chenyue, so he prepared another wedding gown. Feng Chenyue liked the costumes prepared by Yuchi Longyan. The two happily prepared to salute, and Xuan Ming gave them Sanshengshi as a gift.

Yuchi Longyan used his spiritual power to engrave the names of him and Feng Chenyue on the Sanshengshi, and the two kept each other’s piece. Just when everything was completed and Yuchi Longyan was about to have a cup of wine with Feng Chenyue, he ordered Master Ge Xing to stop them. Mingge Xingjun explained that Feng Chenyue is an extremely yin primordial god, and cannot survive forever without experience in the world. Yuchi Longyan didn’t care about all of this, he wanted to guard Feng Chenyue for life and life, and use his spiritual power to protect the thoroughness of Chenyue Yuanshen.

Mingge Xingjun reminded Yuchi Longyan that Yuchi Longyan could not stay away from Feng Chenyue forever. He could let Feng Chenyue go to the world again. He used this opportunity to teach Feng Chenyue spells and let Feng Chenyue soar in person. Chengxian. Feng Chenyue accepted Ming Ge Xingjun’s statement and agreed to go to the world for another experience, and could only give up marrying Yuchi Longyan. Qingqing was a little disappointed that he hadn’t drank the wedding wine, but Xue Qianxun had to stare at Feng Chenyue and drink her eight tears, so as not to pour her eight tears like Ayu.

Feng Chenyue drank her eight tears, and when he walked across Luofeng Bridge, he instructed Yuchi Longyan not to forget their agreement and find her early. In this life, Feng Chenyue was reborn and reincarnated as Light Smoke, and was brought back to Kunlun Mountain by the real person Xuanyang of Kunlun Mountain to practice spells. At the same time, he wanted to protect Light Smoke from being coveted by demons. Yuchi Longyan often watched Qingyan near Kunlun Mountain. Really Xuanyang felt that his qi daughter-in-law came for the soul of Qingyan, so he set up a barrier outside Kunlun Mountain to prevent Yuchi Longyan from approaching.

Xiao Qingyan followed the master sister quietly down the mountain. She wanted to stroll around the market to see the excitement, but she didn’t expect to be attracted by the candied chestnuts. Xiao Qingyan wanted to hear what the master sister said, and stood there waiting for the master sister, but the temptation to stir-fried chestnuts was so great that she was not obedient. The vendor of sugar-fried chestnuts was the incarnation of a demon. He felt that Xiao Qingyan’s soul was special. He wanted to eat her to improve his skills, but Yuchi Longyan suddenly appeared and rescued Xiao Qingyan.

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