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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 26 Recap

Feng Chenyue was drunk, and Yuchi Longyan carried Feng Chenyue back to the room, while Feng Chenyue took Yuchi Longyan who was about to leave, calling out the name of Big Brother Yuchi. Yuchi Longyan sat down to accompany Feng Chenyue. He secretly vowed in his heart that after the Three Tribulations, he would never give Feng Chenyue to others. Xueqian sought to check Qingqing’s practice results, but she didn’t expect Qingqing to just dress up herself and didn’t practice hard at all.

Xueqian blames Qingqing for only playing with jewelry, and Qingqing can only complain with Xueqian, indicating that those jewelry can help her cover the meteor marks, so that Xueqian will not want to leave when she sees the meteor marks. Xue Qianxun learned that Qingqing cared about the meteor marks so much because of him, and immediately asked Qingqing, but Qingqing didn’t admit this, and felt that Xue Qianxun didn’t care about it at all.

Xueqian thought about the various things Qingqing had done to remove the meteor marks, and felt that Qingqing might only be willing to practice the method of immortality only by removing the meteor marks, so she decided to try to help Qingqing. Xue Qian went back to pull the strings on his pipa, but he couldn’t pull it out, so he fainted. Qingqing couldn’t understand the method of practice, so she could only go to Xueqian for advice.

Qingqing didn’t know how to save Xueqian, so she could only go to Mingge Xingjun to find a way. Only then did she know that the string was Xueqian’s tendon. If Xueqian pulled out the string, she would most likely be broken and die. Qingqing became nervous as soon as Ge Xingjun said, begging Ge Xingjun to help her find Xue Qian. Mingge Xingjun refused to help Qingqing, because he wanted to give Qingqing the herbal medicine, so he had to make Qingqing pay the price and exchange it with something else.

Qingqing has nothing to exchange, only Lingyu who is a blue bird, and this is more precious than dragon scales, Mingge Xingjun wants it very much. Mingge Xingjun wanted Qingqing’s Lingyu, pretending that he couldn’t look at Qingqing’s painful appearance, and made Qingqing think twice. In order to save Xueqianxun, Qingqing had to pull out her feather feathers and got the medicine to save Xueqianxun from Mingge Xingjun, and Mingge Xingjun asked her to keep the matter secret.

When Qingqing went to find medicine for Xueqian, she heard Bing Xing say that Madam Taiyi wanted to investigate Xueqian to find the soul, which made her feel particularly uncomfortable. Qingqing cried and blamed herself for harming Xueqianxun and asked Xueqianxun to pull the strings, but she didn’t understand why Xueqianxun wanted to help her in this way. Xue Qianxun tells Qingqing that he likes Qingqing, but Qingqing doesn’t believe it, so she asks whether Xue Qianxun’s liking is really like it, or whether it makes her laugh.

Xue Qianxun explained that she really likes it, and has always been like this, which made Qingqing cry even more sad, and blamed herself for not being able to see it. Xueqian looked for Qingqing and couldn’t help but want to kiss Qingqing, but he didn’t expect to be pushed away by Qingqing. Qingqing told Xueqianxun shyly that she was so ugly as she cried, and she didn’t say that she liked Xueqianxun, and then ran away.

Feng Chenyue returned to the general mansion, Yuchi Longyan still kept the distance he should have, while Feng Chenyue still pretended to be unaware, teasing Yuchi Longyan intentionally or unintentionally. In the evening, when Feng Chenyue was washing her feet, she called Qingqing into the house, but Qingqing was not there, so she called Yuchi Longyan in. Feng Chenyue asked Yuchi Longyan to take the handkerchief and wipe her feet. Yuchi Longyan was a little embarrassed, but he still did. Feng Chenyue said something to molest Yuchi Longyan while Yuchi Longyan was wiping her feet, but Yuchi Longyan remained calm, and she had no choice but to continue pretending to be ignorant.

When Feng Chenyue was practicing the sword, Xingxuan Yun suddenly appeared in the sky, so she let Yuchi Longyan watch it together, wanting to remember the past with Yuchi Longyan. Yuchi Longyan was the same as before, indicating that he had never seen Xingxuan Yun, and then changed the subject, not letting Feng Chenyue ask any more questions. Vice-General Zhao helped Feng Chenyue investigate the Huxiao Valley seven years ago, and found that Feng Se had never sent anyone there, so she immediately wrote a note to tell Xiao Jue. Xiao Jue saw the note and thought of the scent that Anming Pill exuded when it met the water, which was the same as the taste when she first saw Han Xiyun, and believed that all of this was set by Han Xiyun.

When Han Xiyun learned that Feng Chenyue had returned unscathed, he drank wine deliberately angrily, and Xiao Jue went to find Han Xiyun at this time, and led his orders to kill Feng Chenyue. Han Xiyun was very happy that Xiao Jue wanted to help him kill Feng Chenyue and drank parting wine after he believed Xiao Jue’s words, but he didn’t expect Xiao Jue to put Anming Pills in the wine for him to drink. Xiao Jue deliberately assassinated Feng Chenyue, and when she was defeated by Feng Chenyue, she begged Feng Chenyue to kill her so that she could be free.

Feng Chenyue was reluctant to do anything to Xiao Jue, when Xiao Jue became poisonous again, so Feng Chenyue handed her to Yuchi Longyan to detoxify her.

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