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Miss the Dragon 遇龙 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Zheng waited for Feng Chenyue to return, but Feng Chenyue never came back. He was particularly worried, while Qingqing was not worried at all. Qingqing thinks that Feng Chenyue will fight for hundreds of battles, and there will be nothing wrong with being brave and good at fighting. He did not expect that Vice-General Zhao would come back and tell them that Feng Chenyue had fallen off the cliff. Qingqing learned that Feng Chenyue had fallen off the cliff, and immediately asked Yuchi Longyan about the situation. When she learned that he had fallen down the cliff with Feng Chenyue, she didn’t worry.

After Yuchi Longyan fell off the cliff, he healed Feng Chenyue’s injuries first, and then hid himself to heal his injuries. When Feng Chenyue woke up, Yuchi Longyan was already like a okay person. He picked some fruits and returned to Feng Chenyue to prevent Feng Chenyue from seeing the slightest clue. Feng Chenyue thought of Yuchi Longyan’s appearance when he flew down to rescue her, so she happily took the fruit that Yuchi Longyan had given and ate it.

Because Yuchi Longyan didn’t return to Longyin Pavilion, Mingge Xingjun deliberately went to Luofeng Pavilion to look for Xueqian. When he learned that Yuchi Longyan had gone to the world to see Feng Chenyue, Mingge Xingjun was very angry. Mingge Xingjun and Xue Qianxun asked about his affairs with Qingqing, and wanted to remind Xue Qianxun that not only did the monsters return by different routes, but also the fairy monsters. Xueqianxun didn’t care what Minggexingjun said. Minggexingjun had to remind Xueqianxun that the bird demon has only five to six hundred years of life, while the immortal will not die for thousands of years. In order to avoid sadness at parting in the future, it is better not to It’s good to be true.

Xue Qianxun did not listen to Master Ge Xing’s persuasion at all. He asked Ming Ge Xingjun to ignore his affairs, but Ming Ge Xingjun’s words let Xue Qianxun understand that the most important thing for him right now should be to help Qing Qingcheng. Immortal instead of going to meteor marks. Xue Qianxun thought that the meteor marks did not matter at all, and he didn’t care about the green meteor marks at all. After Qingqing recovered from her injury, she was very unhappy to find that her meteor marks had not been removed. At this time, Xue Qianxun appeared and gave her a book on cultivating immortals, so that she could practice hard.

After Feng Chenyue recovered from her injury, she chatted with Yuchi Longyan. She wanted to know why Yuchi Longyan jumped off the cliff to rescue her. Yuchi Longyan explained that it was his duty to protect Feng Chenyue, which directly dispelled Feng Chenyue’s doubts. After Yuchi Longyan finished speaking, Feng Chenyue put her hand on Yuchi Longyan’s shoulder. When Yuchi Longyan took her hand down, she couldn’t help holding her hand.

Yuchi Longyan realized that he had lost his temper, and could only lie that he regarded Feng Chenyue as his cousin, which made Feng Chenyue think of Brother Yuchi again. In front of Yuchi Longyan, Feng Chenyue talked about her brother who had protected her, which made Yuchi Longyan think that Feng Chenyue was thinking about Lu Zheng, and she couldn’t help feeling jealous. Feng Chenyue wanted to find a way with Yuchi Longyan, and went up from the cliff, and the two separated to find their way. Yuchi Longyan wanted to use his spells to help Feng Chenyue, but was backlashed again, but Feng Chenyue saw that there were no branches at all on the cliff, and questioned what Yuchi Longyan had said to her, so he thought that Yuchi Longyan was her again. The Dragon King, but she didn’t understand why Yuchi Longyan didn’t admit it.

When Han Xiyun learned that Feng Chenyue had fallen off the cliff, he immediately went to the palace to see A Rui, and asked A Rui to find the secret envoy of the king to investigate Feng Chenyue’s disappearance. He wanted to use this to give Feng Chenzhe a charge of defecting. . In order to preserve Feng Chenyue and stabilize the military spirit, Lu Zheng had to make Qingqing wear Feng Chenyue’s clothes and pretend to be Feng Chenyue in the army. He discussed with Vice-General Zhao how to defeat Nan Zhao. Qingqing didn’t like wearing such heavy armor, but for Feng Chenyue’s safety, she could only adjust to it temporarily.

Yuchi Longyan finally survived forty-nine days, allowing his spells to recover. At this time, Feng Chenyue walked out of the cave unhappily because of a dream of a dead soldier. When Yuchi Longyan saw that Feng Chenyue was unhappy, he attracted fireflies in the sky to coax Feng Chenyue. Like Liu Ying and Ayu, Feng Chenyue liked the fireflies in the sky very much. Yuchi Longyan used the fireflies to enlighten Feng Chenyue, and Feng Chenyue told Yuchi Longyan that she had seen such a scene and questioned the reason for the sudden arrival of so many fireflies, so Yuchi Longyan almost didn’t know how to deal with it.

Master Guo was appointed as a secret envoy to investigate Feng Chenyue’s disappearance. Lu Zheng reported the facts and explained Feng Chenyue’s disappearance after falling off the cliff, but he did not expect that Master Guo would not listen at all, so he would be accused of defecting Feng Chenyue. Return to the wind to report this matter. Qingqing was very annoyed by Master Guo’s behavior. When Master Guo turned and left, she smashed Master Guo on the head with a wine bottle, knocking him fainted. Lu Zheng and Vice-General Zhao didn’t know how to deal with it. After Qingqing stunned Mr. Guo, they gave Mr. Guo a plan for seven days and let Mr. Guo forget about it.

Yuchi Longyan prepared two canes and wanted to take Feng Chenyue away from the cliff. Feng Chenyue knew that this was done by Yuchi Longyan’s magic technique, but Yuchi Longyan did not admit it, and she could only pretend to be unaware. Look like. After Feng Chenyue returned, Nan Zhao had already retired, and Master Guo also woke up at this time. Because Feng Chenyue made another contribution, Master Guo couldn’t find a word to frame Feng Chenyue, so he could only forget it.

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