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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 20 Recap

Jiang Coke took Lu Xiao to a hot air balloon. She said that when her mother died when she was a child, she cried for her all day long. Her father took her to the hot air balloon and said that her mother was already in the sky, and this was the nearest to her. In place, Jiang Coke gave the notebook to Lu Xiao, saying that he could write anything on paper, then fold it into a paper airplane and fly out, so his mother would definitely be able to see it.

Lu Xiao accepted Jiang Coke’s suggestion, took up a pen and wrote a lot of things he always wanted to tell his mother on the paper, crying as he wrote, and after writing, he folded the paper into a paper airplane and threw it out to express his thoughts to his mother. Lu Xiao felt relieved a lot, and Jiang Coke took the opportunity to comfort him by holding Lu Xiao’s hand.

The two returned to the secret garden. Grandma Fushun was also worried that Jiang Coke could not find Lu Xiao to come to help. Seeing Lu Xiao’s mood was much better. Grandma Fushun told Lu Xiao what Lu Xiao’s mother had said before her death, making Lu Xiao relieved. Fetters living in the sun well, Grandma Fushun also added a sentence to let Lu Xiao and Jiang Coke stay together.

Xu Nian and Luo Ke talked about how Jiang Coke was dressed up that day to confess, Lu Xiao knew that Jiang Coke wanted to confess to himself that day, so he prepared a surprise for Jiang Coke in the secret garden, and Jiang Coke entered from the secret road. When I was in the secret garden, I found that the secret road was equipped with lights. From the secret road, there were lights guiding Jiang Coke all the way forward.

Jiang Coke was very surprised and was still wondering if the secret garden was having a party today. Suddenly the lights came on and Lu Xiaobang He appeared in front of Jiang Coke while singing on the piano. Jiang Coke was a little touched. Lu Xiao approached Jiang Coke and confessed affectionately. He said that before knowing Jiang Coke, he had always closed himself, and Jiang Coke’s arrival seemed to open a fan for himself.

The window let the warm sun shine on Lu Xiao’s heart, and he always protected himself when he was the most dangerous. When he was the most sad and sad, Jiang Ke kept guarding himself again. Lu Xiao expressed his heart to Jiang Kele. , And said that he would be replaced next to protect Jiang Coke. Lu Xiao confessed success, Roco and Su Lie came out to cheer and celebrate, Xu Nian was still recording the two of them.

Jiang Kele returned home excitedly and celebrated with Guan Qianya. Guan Qianya was also very pleased. She said that Jiang Kele had been in a virtual relationship for so long and now finally returned to real life. She felt that the majority of women still have hope, Guan Qianya again Remind Jiang Cola not to copy the virtual romance set directly into real life. Jiang Cola said that he could distinguish clearly and had already bid farewell to the virtual Lu Xiao. Guan Qianya also gave a new electric car to her. Ginger Coke makes gifts.

After giving up the game, Jiang Coke felt that his life was much fulfilled. He also persuaded his colleague Qiqi at the beauty store to give up the game and find a boyfriend in real life. But Qiqi found it difficult, so Jiang Coke said that he would introduce him to Qiqi. After talking with Qiqi, Jiang Coke went to work in the secret garden and found that the rooms had been cleaned. It turned out that Lu Xiao instructed several people to clean the secret garden once, and said that they would clean up by themselves in the future.

Xu Guanghan would let Xu Guanghan know that Lu Xiao would not let Jiang Coke work. Jiang Coke was touched but somewhat guilty. He felt that he couldn’t just take his salary and let them save some work for him. Lu Xiao asked Jiang Coke to clean himself in the future. Su Lie and Luo Ke were a little unconvinced, but Lu Xiao said that Jiang Coke was her girlfriend, and they had nothing to say.

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