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Hunter (2021) 猎狼者

Hunter (2021)
Other Title: 猎狼者, 猎狼者, Wild Hunt, Kuang Lie, 狂猎, Lie Lang Zhe, Hunting

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama
Cao Dun

Mango TV
Release Date: 
May 24, 2021 – Jun 1, 2021
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  • Qin Hao as Wei Jiang
  • Yin Fang as Qin Chuan
  • Huang Zi Xing as Sai Na
  • Shen Jia Ni as Hua Fan Zi
  • Yin Zhu Sheng as Du Yao Zi
  • Ailei Yu as Zhou Yang

At the Northern part of Xinjiang, two policemen were killed by a group of poachers and the prey were nowhere to be found. Five years later, Wei Jiang left the the police station in the forest, and chose to become a protector of the borders. By chance, he becomes Qin Chuan’s teacher, and leads him on the path of patrolling. They meet the local vet Ye Xiao Wan, as well as leader of the animal activist group Sai Na. Together, they found the traces of the poachers, and began a fierce battle with them. Finally, the poachers were caught, and justice was served. Source: DramaWiki

“The Wolf Hunter” is an anti-poaching skit directed by Cao Dun and Gao Xiang, starring Qin Hao, Yin Fang, and Huang Zixing. Shen Jiani is a special star and Yin Zhusheng, Yu Ailei, Zhao Wei, Sui Yongliang and others starring in anti-poaching skits. The play tells the thrilling anti-poaching legend of Wei Jiang (Qin Hao), an experienced forest guard, and Qin Chuan (Yin Fang), a new policeman. In northern Xinjiang, two forest policemen who had been guarding the border for 20 years fought desperately with poaching gangs during their mission. One died and the other was seriously injured. The whereabouts of the poachers are unknown.

Five years later, Wei Jiang left the Forest Public Security Bureau and chose to be a forest ranger to continue to guard Xinjiang. Recruit Qin Chuan came to the reserve. By chance, Wei Jiang became Qin Chuan’s teacher. Wei Jiang, who was discharged early due to injury, did not stop. He led Qin Chuan on the road of patrol. In the process of getting acquainted with the environment, the two met Ye Xiaowan, a young local nature reserve veterinarian, Saena, the leader of an enthusiastic animal protection organization, and others.

Unexpectedly, they accidentally discovered the trail of poachers halfway through and decided to deal with them. The vicious poaching gangs and the bloodthirsty wolves have wandered on the edge of life and death for two times, but they still march forward fearlessly; the simple herdsmen, the kind backpackers, and the kindness of meeting each other warm their desperate hearts time and time again; When the poachers were finally defeated, the recruits who yearned for the vast world also learned from the veterans what is mission and what is inheritance.

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