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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 3 Recap

The ceiling lights were on, and Wei Jiang had a panoramic view of the layout of the room. Whether it was the broken glass windows or the remaining tiles on the ground, they all hinted suspiciously. Wei Jiang failed to recognize the six sons because he was inconspicuous in that incident. He obviously planned the most insidious strategy behind the scenes, but left it to others to execute.

Isaac loves to carve animals with wood on weekdays. Everything will be treasured. Perhaps he never expected that these woodcut objects would one day become a weapon that would take his life. Under Wei Jiang’s gaze, the six sons pretended to use a dagger to sharpen the woodcarving, but actually wanted to wipe the blood on the woodcarving.

Wei Jiang recognized that the dagger was Isaac’s body, and under normal circumstances, he seldom gave the special dagger to others. Seeing the six sons immersed in silence, Wei Jiang took the initiative to light a cigarette, swallowing the clouds, and slowly telling Isaac’s rules for banning smoking in the house. As soon as this remark came out, it was enough to see the flaws in the performance of the six sons. However, the six sons would use their tactics to conceal their true purpose and help Wei Jiang to debug the shotgun head.

The six sons under the pseudonym Zhou Yang thought they had deceived Wei Jiang, but they did not know that Wei Jiang believed that Isaac was in his hands, so he waited for the moment. Qin Chuan was young and energetic, thinking that the three of them were more than enough to deal with a wolf, but how many ambushes there are still unknown. Until the meal, Liu Zi treated Isaac’s cherished horse intestines as an appetizer, which made Wei Jiang more alert.

That night, Liu Zi made an excuse to leave the wooden house at night, but before Wei Jiang chased him, he saw him buckle the door with his backhand, and even the windows were sealed with wooden boards. The three people in the room realized that the situation was not good, and quickly picked up the guy. With the sound of pulling the trigger outside, a burst of frantic bursts of fire broke through every corner of the room.

The gasoline was poured over for a while, and a raging fire ignited all around. Just as they were looking for a way out, they suddenly noticed a sound from the floor. At first I thought Isaac was trapped underneath, but he was actually disguised with a knife. Taking advantage of Wei Jiang’s care, he carried a dagger and swooped madly, then turned to Qinchuan. The two fisted together in the wooden house. Qin Chuan was physically weak and almost died. Fortunately, Wei Jiang defeated him at a critical moment.

Because there was a tunnel dug in the ground leading directly outside the house, Wei Jiang let Qin Chuan and Senna escape first, and he was responsible for the break. In fact, Wei Jiang should have taken this opportunity to kill and revenge, but the police code engraved in the bones and blood still made him choose to give up his thoughts and simply drag the knife to the secret path, leaving his mouth alive.

The partition next to the secret tunnel was Isaac, who had already died. Wei Jiang wanted to drag him away. However, the flames were too fierce and physical strength could not be dragged. Eventually, he ran out of the hole in grief and anger, rushed directly to the knife, and fists at the opponent Beat the facade. With the arrival of the police car, Wei Jiang was also twisted to the ground by unsuspecting police officers. Upon seeing this, Qin Chuan hurried over to explain the ins and outs. Hearing Wei Jiang’s heartbreaking shouts, his mood was extremely complicated.

Sun Haiyang received the alarm and learned that the herdsmen had found Aunt Fu’s body in the planting shed and died in a miserable state. Although the murderer’s clue has been broken, Sun Haiyang still believes that there is a problem inside the wolf, and he also has key information in it. The knife was taken into the Nanhe police station, but Wang Guangming was not at all happy, because the police officers in the station did not recognize Wei Jiang’s identity and actually regarded him as a wolf.

At this moment, Wei Jiang was furious. If it hadn’t been blocked by Qin Chuan and others, he would have rushed into the office to find Wang Guangming to settle the account. However, Wang Guangming knew he could not afford to offend this great god, so he decided to transfer the knife to the Dongshan police station.

Xia Ti found Senna who was in self-blame, and comforted her, reminding her to understand Wei Jiang, and at the same time to know how to rely on Wei Jiang, because he is like a god guarding the mountains and rivers and forests, and can bring infinite sense of security to the herdsmen. Because Shati watched their heroic deeds against wolves since childhood, he decided to become such a person long ago, and when he finished dealing with Isaac’s funeral, he would go to the Nancheng Police Station to serve as an assistant policeman.

The fox takes Batu to find the six sons and learns of the knife arrest. The boss informed the six sons to arrange for the brothers to take the money to disperse. However, the income and expenditure accounts are all handed over to the six sons. Apart from him, no one knows the whereabouts of the money. In order to be able to find the money for the disbandment, and even more afraid that the boss will blame him, the six sons and others drove to Aunt Qianniangfu’s house after the quarrel. After all, she is the mother of the knife, so she should have some affection.

Wei Jiang was delayed in seeing the police car of Nanhe Police Station, and he was suddenly anxious. He didn’t know that the knife had knocked out the police on the way and escaped from the car. Sun Haiyang didn’t even know, and accompanied Wei Jiang to sit outside the police station. Hearing Wei Jiang’s accusations, he couldn’t help but get angry and emphasized that he and other colleagues are working hard. Everyone hopes to catch the poaching gang as soon as possible.

When news of the knife escape came, Wei Jiang was angry and had nowhere to say anything. Without a word, he turned back to the hotel and happened to meet Saena’s father. Qin Chuan bought vegetables and wine and sent them. Saina’s father talked about Isaac’s son at the wine table, so he planned to adopt Xiao Yi and solve Wei Jiang’s concerns, so he could do his own thing with peace of mind.

The next morning, Wei Jiang took Qin Chuan to find Biaozi. He had a similar experience with Isaac. He was once a wolf. Later, Jinpen washed his hands and made some small transactions. He occasionally used yak powder mixed with sand as the northern ram’s horn. Powder sales. Wei Jiang took out the dagger left by the knife and asked Biaozi to appraise it. However, Biaozi’s ability was limited and he could only analyze a rough idea. From the workmanship of the dagger to the material, there is such a craftsman, I am afraid there is only Blacksmith Kelimu in a radius of ten miles.

Before going to look for Kelimu, Wei Jiang and Qin Chuan went to the noodle restaurant to eat, only to see a few street stalkers occupying their seats, which seemed to be offending the owner. Ding Jie, the owner of the noodle shop, came out to entertain, but the moment he saw Wei Jiang, his expression changed from shock to grief, accusing him of promising to bring Zhao Cheng back in half a month. However, five years have passed and there is no news. Wei Jiang was silent, and then got up and left. Qin Chuan subconsciously glanced at the shop plaque. The word “Chengzi” was actually in front of the noodle shop.

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