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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 2 Recap

When Wei Jiang and others left, the police officers from the Dongshan Forest District Police Station rummaged through the entire mountain, but did not find any signs of the “wolf son”, and they had already disappeared. The so-called wolf is the name given to poachers in nomadic areas. Sun Haiyang has been a policeman for many years, and he has seen less than a hundred or dozens of wolves, but the most profound change was the incident five years ago. At this time, a police officer walked by the side of the hillside, and a pile of rocks on the soles of his feet fell, revealing a dead man’s hand with blood.

In Lemachang in ancient times, Ye Bodhisattva treated Qinchuan’s wounds. A bonfire was lit in the courtyard that night, and several people sat around and talked. The two horses in the shed next to them were particularly conspicuous, and Qin Chuan was quite curious about them, so after everyone’s narration, he learned that the two horses were called Heifeng and Baixue. They were once the mounts of Wei Jiang and his partner Zhao Cheng.

Later, when Zhao Cheng was killed, Wei Jiang took off his police uniform and came to the border area as a ranger. After five years, he still couldn’t get out of the haze, so he gave the two horses to Nuer to avoid seeing things and thinking about people. Sun Haiyang came to pick up Qin Chuan in person. At this moment, he has become the director. When he saw Master Wei Jiang again, he was full of emotion in his heart.

After returning to the institute, Qin Chuan retrieved the files about Wei Jiang and Zhao Cheng, which recorded detailed work appraisals. Because the mountain was blocked by heavy snow that year, and the outside world could not support, Zhao Cheng told Wei Jiang to seek help from the forest fire station, while he faced seven desperadoes alone. With seventeen bullets, no one hit the deadly point. The real cause of Zhao Cheng’s death was actually being frozen to death.

Knife took the brothers back in embarrassment. The six sons follow the old rules in the industry. Now they have lost all their money. Moreover, they have to carry the murder case. Someone must carry the pot, so since it is the fox that caused the trouble, it should be him. solve. Originally, the fox wanted to beg for mercy, but it can be seen that other people ignored it and simply gritted their teeth and cut off their little finger as punishment.

Even though the matter is over, but the grievances are not there yet, the knife and the sixth son have never dealt with them, and they are completely in conflict with the second brother. The second brother died in Wei Jiang’s hands, and Zhao Cheng died in their hands. The grievances between the two parties must be determined, otherwise they will never end.

Sun Haiyang took the initiative to contact Wang Guangming, the director of the Nanhe Police Station, based on the clues he had so far. The two had worked alongside Wei Jiang, and they were considered to be brothers and partners. Compared with Sun Haiyang’s emphasis on love and righteousness, Wang Guangming pays more attention to reality. His admiration of Wei Jiang from the beginning to the present discrimination is nothing more than blaming him for leaving the police force and living like a drunkard who lives and dreams.

Wang Guangming is responsible to the brothers in the institute, and does not want to continue to intervene in this mess, and his words make Sun Haiyang unable to refute. After all, the repeated chase after five years has made everyone physically and mentally exhausted. But this time Sun Haiyang was convinced that he knew that the group of wolves was emerging and the French Open would be late.

After receiving a report of missing persons in Dongshan Forestry District, Sun Haiyang took police officers to investigate and found that he met Sun Jiao, an “old acquaintance”. According to the details provided by Sun Jiao, we can understand the current situation of Aunt Fu’s family. Because Aunt Fu’s son disappeared in early years, she also became a lonely old man.

In her free time, Aunt Fu would go nearby to feed stray cats and dogs, but on the day when Sun Jiao saw Aunt Fu, she witnessed her walking out with a box, and was dragged into the car by a strange man. Sun Haiyang dug a well-sealed tin box in a place where Aunt Fu often goes, so it is inferred that this is the way she and her son get money. I am afraid that Aunt Fu will leave with a strange man because she is worried about his son’s accident.

Qin Chuan rode Baixue and Senna to find Wei Jiang. It happened that Wei Jiang received a letter from the wolf and agreed to meet in the old place. No matter how Qin Chuan stopped, Wei Jiang insisted on seeking revenge against them. Qin Chuan couldn’t stop it, so he proposed to follow along. In the end, Wei Jiang took him and Senna into the mountain, and the three of them went on the road together.

Climbing over countless hills and ridges until the setting sun fell, Qin Chuan reached an agreement with Wei Jiang because he did not understand why some people were willing to keep their youth and life here. The reason for following Wei Jiang was nothing more than to find the one to leave or stay. Reason. As for Wei Jiang, he needs to have a partner in the same team who holds a gun and does not shake his hands.

When he came to Langtou Mountain, Wei Jiang planned to find his friend Isaac first, and chatted with Qin Chuan about the process of getting acquainted with each other. Isaac was once a wolf, but later fell into the hands of Wei Jiang. Considering that his wife was pregnant, he simply washed his hands in a golden basin. In addition, his nature was not too serious. After serving his sentence, he voluntarily applied to enter the mountains and forests.

However, his wife died of dystocia, and only one son was left. From then on, Isaac became a father and a mother and brought him up with hard work. For six years, the mountain forest guarded by Isaac did not dare to come closer. Because of his excellent performance, he was transferred to Langtou Mountain. However, before Wei Jiang appeared, the fox arrived at Isaac’s residence first.

Fortunately, Isaac had sent his son to study in the city. Seeing that the few people in front of him had come prepared, he proposed to go into the house and talk in detail. Batu guarded outside the house, listening to the sound of fighting and Isaac’s screams coming from the house. Not long after, Wei Jiang came with Qin Chuan and Senna. At this time, Isaac was nowhere to be found. The six pretended to be housekeepers with a vigilant look on their faces and refused to provide them with shelter.

Qin Chuan patiently communicated with the six sons, and took the initiative to hand over his ID to show his identity. Seeing that the six sons were still uncompromising, Wei Jiang immediately became angry and demanded to live in the wooden house with a strong attitude. Because of this, the Sixth Son did not dare to question him anymore, but Wei Jiang was suspicious of him.

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