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Hunter 猎狼者 Episode 1 Recap

If you don’t have a watch, you may only be able to accurately distinguish between day and night, and the remaining time is used to find the direction. The endless snow and ice mountains, located in the Wusong Mountain in northern Xinjiang, have such magical powers. Although the scenery is poetic and picturesque, and the places are pure and elegant, the continuous cliffs and the cold weather have discouraged many people.

It happens that there are such a group of people who have been walking here for many years. On the surface, they are no different from ordinary people, but they are doing illegal poaching in private. On the day of the millennium, despite the opposition of his partner Zhao Cheng, Wei Jiang rushed to Wusong Mountain and set up his sniper rifle to aim at the mountainside. However, the gap between the two enemies and the seven has caused himself to fall into a trap.

Accompanied by a few gunshots, from far to near, the footsteps of the visitors changed from hurriedly and staggered. Several “wolves” armed with shotguns swept the surrounding area with keen light, searching for suspicious targets. Until a brief exchange of fire, both sides suffered casualties. Zhao Cheng sacrificed to protect Wei Jiang’s heroes. Wei Jiang tried to save Zhao Cheng and shot several shots. In the end, under siege, he fell to the cliff and died.

When Wei Jiang woke up again, it was five years later. Five years is a long time, enough to make a man of high spirits lose his fighting spirit and become a forest ranger who spends his whole day drinking sorrows. He didn’t wake up during the day and didn’t sleep at night, until the herder Isaac came to collect his debts, and he had to get up to deal with the noise. Under the nickname of Wei Baliang, he rode away on the other side’s motorcycle.

Driving along the winding path towards the market town, Wei Jiang walked past the crowds, took away the lamb shank from the butcher stall, wrote down a credit, and gave the lamb shank to the host of the banquet in exchange for a banquet. My friend Nuer brought excellent shredded tobacco to Wei Jiang, and by the way, he took the news that he had recently heard. It is said that a policeman in the Dongshan Forest has disappeared and has not returned for three days. Therefore, the police announced the bonus to the outside world, which seems to be more tempting.

Originally, Wei Jiang didn’t plan to risk following Dongshan, but he still put on a cotton coat and put a shotgun on his back the next morning, and came to Nuer’s house to stay for a while. Before leaving, Nuer sent a dagger to Wei Jiang for self-defense, watched him ride away with his own eyes, praying for peace in his heart.

Within Dongshan, there are three poaching brothers, one smuggler with the surname Liu. As for the forest policeman Qin Chuan, who has been missing for three days, he is still tied up on a hillside. He is still the stubborn stubbornness who would rather die than surrender, almost angering the thief fox. . After the gunfight that year, the only seven people in the gang were the boss, the third knife, the fifth fox, the sixth and sixth sons, and the seventh Batu.

Because Boss Liu is a buyer, relying on his own financial resources, he actually used them as subordinates, and even prevented the fox from killing the police in every possible way. Even though Qin Chuan fell into the hands of the thief, his face remained unchanged. Compared with Batu, who was a staunch character, his elder brother’s knife seemed more stable, and his attitude towards Qin Chuan was even more concealed with a smile.

Wei Jiang walked all the way into the mountains, and finally found the clothes on the police uniform halfway through. After years of experience and analysis of the route, most of the day passed without knowing it, and night fell. The brothers hung Qin Chuan under a tree with a rope around his neck, and only stepped on the stone with their toes to prevent strangulation.

However, this extremely painful method allows them to sleep in a tent without worrying about the police running away. Taking advantage of everyone’s rest, Wei Jiang hurriedly untied the ropes and took Qin Chuan away. However, Qin Chuan had no power to bind the chickens, and he wanted to bring the poachers to justice. At this time, the poaching thief was awakened and pursued with a gun. Wei Jiang used his familiar geographical advantage to sneak into the river and successfully escaped the hunt.

Upon learning of this, Boss Liu met again, but the fox couldn’t listen, and shot him to death. The knife pointed out that the fox shot at the wrong position, causing the clothes to be directly scrapped. Boss Liu was all over his body, leaving only shoes that he could wear and a few rings. After complaining, Knife ordered Batu to disfigure boss Liu, which made it more difficult for the police to solve the case.

At the same time, Qin Chuan could not tolerate the continued evil of the poaching gang and insisted on not going down the mountain. This stubborn stubbornness penetrated from his bones, just like the former Weijiang. At first, Wei Jiang only wanted to receive a bounty and didn’t want to cause trouble. But when he saw that Qin Chuan was so persistent, in addition to helplessness, he had a sense of responsibility and made him choose to stay. The premise was to negotiate if someone could escape Dongshan. There must be no more hesitation.

On the mountainside, Wei Jiang dug up the beast and took it away, hiding on both sides with Qin Chuan. The knife accidentally found Qin Chuan and rushed forward to fight with him. Wei Jiang shot and blocked the fox and Batu, dragging Qin Chuan into a quick escape. It happened that Shati passed down the mountain on horseback. Hearing the continuous gunshots, he hurried back to inform Nuer and others to rescue him.

When escaping, Wei Jiang specially set up a trap halfway, but he did not know that it had been seen through by Batu. They would do it, pretending to be injured and left. Regardless of Wei Jiang’s stopping, Qin Chuan wanted to chase, but stepped into the animal trap and couldn’t get away. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Wei Jiang came to rescue Qin Chuan, and the two rolled down the hillside, barely saving their lives.

Just as Wei Jiang disinfected and bandaged Qin Chuan’s leg injury, he suddenly heard Batu’s clamor and even talked about Zhao Cheng. In the end, Wei Jiang left Qin Chuan with the shotgun and told him to hide it, but he fought fiercely in the jungle in one-on-three. Senna led the people on the mountain, searching along the way, and finally found Wei Jiang and repelled the fox and others. Several police cars had been picked up by the mountain. Qin Chuan had a fever and was carried away for treatment. Wei Jiang picked up his shotgun again and looked back at the direction where the poacher had escaped, his eyes firm and sharp.

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