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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 24 Recap

Liu Wenjing rushed to the hospital to visit her mother. Su Xiaomao had already arranged all the formalities for her. She didn’t expect it to be reported, and she lowered her head and dared not look at Su Xiaomao. Sister Mei and Su Xiaomao walked out of the ward together. It turned out that the news that Liu Wenjing’s mother was seriously ill was revealed to Su Xiaomao by Sister Mei. She hoped that Su Xiaomao could perform well and embrace the beauty soon. Su Xiaomao nodded cautiously. Liu Wenjing’s mother called Su Xiaomao and Liu Wenjing to the bed, she entrusted Liu Wenjing to Su Xiaomao, and Su Xiaomao was happy.

Liu Wenjing agreed to Su Xiaomao’s marriage proposal. Although the person she really likes in her heart is Xing Tianming, she can’t help herself for the sake of her mother. Huahua was surprised when she heard that she knew that Liu Wenjing actually didn’t like Su Xiaomao. She persuaded Liu Wenjing to think clearly before making a decision, but Liu Wenjing was determined, and Huahua had to respect her. She told a few good friends about Liu Wenjing’s marriage. Xing Tianming was extremely sad, but still sent Liu Wenjing a blessing text message.

Liu Wenjing’s mother’s condition improved, and she smiled after hearing the news from the doctor. Xing Tianming personally came to the hospital to block Liu Wenjing and questioned her reason for marriage, but Liu Wenjing duplied and told Xing Tianming that he was willing to marry Su Xiaomao. Xing Tianming did not explain the matter between himself and Huahua, and remained silent, watching Liu Wenjing’s back go away.

Sister Mei learned from a business partner that Su Xiaomao’s capital chain was broken, and she terminated all cooperation with him. She also told him that Liu Wenjing approached him for the sake of business. It was arranged in advance. It is not a coincidence. He and Liu Wenjingzhi The feelings between each other are based on deception. Su Xiaomao was very broken when he learned that. He found Liu Wenjing and her decisively broke up. Liu Wenjing felt ashamed and did not make any excuses. Tears rained down.

Liu Gen told his mother about the breakdown of Su Xiaomao and Liu Wenjing’s relationship. Her mother was suddenly frustrated and clamored to be discharged from the hospital. Liu Gen thought that her sister had done something sorry for Su Xiaomao and was divorced, and loudly accused her of being a liar. Liu Wenjing was treated this way by her family, and she was deeply saddened. In fact, after her brother lost her hard-earned money, she has been in an embarrassing position of embarrassment in her pocket. It happened that her mother was seriously ill and needed money urgently. She sacrificed her marriage for the sake of her family. She didn’t expect that not only was she not grateful, but she was also being abused so unreasonably. She was very embarrassed.

Liu Wenjing approached Qiao Haifeng and hoped that he would introduce her work in Africa in detail. She hoped that she could fill the vacancy of her mother’s medical expenses through her own efforts. Qiao Haifeng tried his best to persuade her not to take this idea. Africa is far away from the country and the situation is unknown. She is a girl whose future is uncertain, so it is best not to suffer. Liu Wenjing couldn’t listen and insisted on moving forward.

Liu Gen is going to accompany her sister to Africa. After Qiao Haifeng learned the news, he quickly pulled Xing Tianming to chase Liu Wenjing, but Xing Tianming felt that he was not well known.

After Liu Wenjing contacted the Kenyan businessman, she set off. Friends all went to see her off, but Xing Tianming did not go. The plane flew into the blue sky and went away with Xing Tianming’s heart. Liu Wenjing on the plane would not have thought that everything she had in Kenya had been arranged by Xing Tianming, and even the Kenyan businessman she contacted was nothing more than Xing Tianming’s request.

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